How To Make a Mix on YouTube

How To Make A Mix On Youtube

When interacting with YouTube, you can organize the videos you want to watch by creating a mix. You can easily access the preferred videos and watch them sequentially without having to search for the videos now and again.

A YouTube mix is easy to create if you know how. You will understand everything about creating a YouTube mix by the end of this guide.

Quick Answer

When creating a mix of videos you want to watch, start by accessing YouTube on your desktop. Search for a video you want to add to your mix and click the three dots next to the video. Select the “Save to playlist” option and click the “Create new playlist” option to create a new mix. Search for other videos you want to include in your mix and click the three dots, select the “Save to playlist” option, and choose the mix you created to add the video to it.

It’s possible to make a mix on YouTube. We will introduce what a YouTube mix is, why you need it, and the steps to make a YouTube mix in the simplest steps. Take a look!

What Is a YouTube Mix?

When you want to watch a video on YouTube, you must search for it and tap on it to play. It could be you want to have a way of playing different videos without needing to search for each one to play it after the current one ends.

A solution is to create a mix. The YouTube mix is a combination of the different videos that you want to watch. You can create the mix and name it as you wish. With your mix created, anytime you encounter a YouTube video that you want to add to the mix, you can add it. You can then access the created mix and play all videos in that mix.

How To Make a Mix on YouTube

A YouTube mix allows you to play different videos consecutively without searching for each video. The created mix s accessible on your YouTube account, and you can play the added videos anytime.

So, how do you create a YouTube Mix?

  1. Open YouTube and ensure you are signed into your account.
  2. Search for a video that you wish to include in the mix you are creating.
  3. Below the video, click the three dots on its right.
  4. Select the “Save to Playlist” option.
  5. Click the “Create New Playlist” button.
  6. Name your mix to create it.
  7. The video will get added to the mix.
  8. Search for another video and click the three dots below it.
  9. Click the “Add to Playlist” button.
  10. Select the mix you created to add the particular video to that mix.
  11. A prompt at the bottom of the YouTube window confirms that the video has been added to your mix.

With your mix created, you can open it anytime to play all the videos in the particular mix. To access the created mix, follow the below steps.

  1. Open YouTube on your browser or the YouTube app.
  2. On the left, click on the “Library” button.
  3. Scroll down and find the “Playlist” section.
  4. Find the particular mix you created and tap on it to play it.

YouTube will play all the videos in your mix in the created order. You can remove any video from the mix or clear the playlist. Still, you can create more YouTube mixes depending on your preference.

For instance, you can create a mix of your favorite funny videos, music, gaming videos, etc. Anytime you need to access the videos, open YouTube and access the mix.


When you want an organized way of accessing your favorite YouTube videos, you can consider creating a mix for the videos.

This post has explained the steps to create the YouTube mix and add videos to it. Moreover, the steps for playing videos are included in your created mix. That’s how you make a mix on YouTube.

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