What Is Shout Out in YouTube?

What Is Shout Out In Youtube

YouTube is famous for its immense resources and content categories, which range from entertainment, sports, documentaries, educational, health, fashion, and more.

Besides being a source of entertainment and learning, YouTube is a great way to earn extra income. You can identify a niche, create a channel, and upload content related to a specific topic.

If you’re a YouTube creator or want to be one, you may have encountered the term shout out.

Quick Answer

Shout-out on YouTube is when a creator mentions another person in their video to promote their channel. Note that shout-outs are different from collaborations. Collaborations are when YouTube creators make a video together. Shout-outs, on the other hand, don’t involve two-person videos. Instead, the creator promotes a brand or a channel within their video.

Read to the end to learn more about YouTube shout-outs.

Overview of YouTube Shout-Outs

YouTube creators constantly find ways to promote their channels and increase engagement with their videos. They do this by consistently uploading content, seeking and utilizing viewers’ feedback, and uploading relevant, quality, and interactive videos.

Even though all these factors significantly increase viewership, working with other successful creators can be transformative. This is where YouTube shout-outs come in.

As the introduction notes, shout-outs are when another creator promotes your brand or mentions your channel in their video. Here’s why shout-outs are essential to YouTube creators and brand influencers.

  • They are an excellent way to target a new audience and gain followers.
  • They endorse your channel or product, which improves your credibility and engagement with your channel.
  • They are excellent at raising viewership to help small channels reach the 4000 watch hours target required for monetization.

Next, we’ll cover ways to get a shout on YouTube

How To Get a YouTube Shout-Out

If you’re a new YouTube content creator struggling to gain viewer numbers on your channel, finding the right person to give you a shout-out could help. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Create Content Consistently

Before asking for a shout-out, you need a solid channel with a decent backlog of videos. Remember, the person giving a shout-out is endorsing your content and directing their audience to your channel. You need a sizeable background to warrant the level of endorsement you seek.

If you have just started, create an upload schedule and communicate consistently. Your videos must appeal to a specific niche so the person giving a shout-out knows what they are endorsing.

Build Relationships With Other Creators

After building a solid catalog of videos, it’s time to research other creators in your niche or related niches. The best people to ask for shout-outs are other creators in your field.

However, you need to research and find those most relatable to you. You can search for YouTube videos in your niche and review the available content.

If you’re still relatively new or have a small fan base, it’s best to start with average creators instead of those who rank high in viewership in your niche. This is because popular creators receive hundreds to thousands of requests and may not respond to yours on time.

Instead, choose average creators with a solid fan base and whose content you like. Message them with pointers to some of your best videos and ask if they could give you a shout-out.

Constantly Refine Your Content

As you request shout-outs from other creators, ensure you continuously improve the quality of your videos. Remember, popular creators don’t want to endorse sub-standard channels. Continually research new YouTube video trends so your videos can meet endorsement standards.

If you’re seeking shout-outs to grow your brand, interacting with your audience can also help. You can interact by giving shout-outs to first commenters, sharing funny comments, or creating feedback videos. When you notice and appreciate your viewers, they will likely share, comment and subscribe to your channel.


A shout-out on YouTube is when another, likely more popular creator mentions your channel or brand to promote it. This is an excellent way to help smaller channels in the same or related niches build a following.

Note that shout-outs are different from collaborations. YouTube collaborations are when two creators come together to make a video and then upload it to their respective channels.

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