How To Look Good on YouTube

How To Look Good On Youtube

A lot goes into creating a great YouTube video, including choosing the right filming equipment, lighting, camera placement, and grooming.

Your first videos don’t have to look amateur because you are a beginner; we will teach you how to create like a pro. Keep reading if you want to learn how to look good on YouTube.

Quick Answer

Invest in good video recording equipment and video editing software to look good on YouTube. Use proper lighting. Choose a good background. Set up the camera in a study place. Be well groomed and touch up your appearance. Smile and look directly into the lenses. Lastly, work on your camera presence and be confident.

This article teaches you how to look good on YouTube by providing several tips.

How To Look Good on YouTube

Are you a beginner or wish to improve how you look on camera when creating YouTube content? Below are tips and hacks to help you look good on YouTube.

Invest in Good Video and Audio Recording Equipment

It’s no secret that HD videos rank better on YouTube than their low-quality counterparts. Your videos must be high-quality if you want to grow your audience and meet your reaction goals fast. For professional-looking and visually appealing videos, invest in good video recording equipment.

At the same time, a high-quality video with poor sound is a turn-off. Unless you have subtitles, the bounce rate will be high because users rarely watch videos with bad audio. For this reason, buy a quality microphone and noise-canceling headphones.

Use a Quality Video Editing Software

Editing the video and audio of your recording is paramount if you want to appear professional to prospects. You must invest in video and audio editing software to clean up your look, enhance saturation and brightness, add sound and visual effects, and optimize your voice.

Furthermore, editing a video will make it professional and polished. Although third-party editing software has more features and capabilities, it may take a while to learn how to use it. Don’t worry; you can do considerable editing with YouTube’s native editor, YouTube Studio.

Ensure You Have Proper Lighting

Lighting can enhance or ruin your video. Creating a good set-up where you’ll film your video is crucial. It can be your bedroom, home office, balcony, or outside.

Regardless of the location, the lighting must work for your video and not against it. Too little light will dull your video, while too much of it will give your production a pale look.

Natural light is the best, such as light coming through the window or doorway. However, if you use direct sunlight, diffuse it with a white translucent material like sheer white curtains.

For artificial lights, place them strategically to avoid casting shadows on your image.

Choose a Good Background

Distracting and busy backgrounds draw the attention away from you, which may make viewers lose interest in your video. At the same time, a background with too much detail looks unprofessional.

Shoot your video on a plain background or one with minimal items. If you like the decor in the background, make it minimalist, such as a single plant or a complimentary wall hanging.

Set Up the Camera Correctly

You can’t talk about looking good on YouTube without mentioning the camera position. The camera angle plays a crucial role in the outline of your image, white balance, posture, and viewer perception.

The best position for most YouTube videos is the eye level so that you can have an equal footing with the audience.

Having an equal footing with the viewer makes it look like you are talking to them directly as they sit across from you. Such a position puts the focus on you.

Be Well Groomed

Before you look good on camera, you need to look good off camera. From choosing a complementary attire and matching your top and bottom look to touching your appearance with light make-up, good grooming will undoubtedly improve your look on YouTube.

Various factors dictate your choice of attire, make-up, and accessories. For instance, creating a video in a suit wouldn’t make sense if you are a fitness expert.

Smile and Look Directly Into the Lenses

No matter the content you produce, smiling at the camera enhances your look. The audience feels engaged with your content when you smile and incorporate light moments in your video.

Additionally, look the viewer in the eye by looking directly into the camera lenses. It is best to appear to address the viewer instead of talking to yourself in the mirror.

Adopt a Great Camera Presence

Last but not least, have some confidence. It is inevitable to be a beginner because we all start somewhere, but don’t let it be obvious.

Adopt a great camera presence by rehearsing your speaking skills and body language beforehand. You can practice with a friend or roleplay in front of your bathroom mirror.

Additionally, check yourself before you start recording. Check your hair, make-up, and teeth to ensure you look good. You will likely be bold and confident when you have nothing to worry about.

Wrapping Up

We’ve discussed the top tips for looking good on YouTube. Which tip do you think is the most important in creating professional-looking YouTube videos?

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