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How To Make a Guy Jealous on Snapchat

How To Make A Guy Jealous On Snapchat

It is immature and kind of toxic because it’s a form of manipulation, but many people like making other people jealous for a lot of reasons — from taking revenge or making people feel bad about themselves to simply wanting to know if the other person feels the same way or has unrequited feelings for them.

So, how can you make a guy jealous over Snapchat?

Quick Answer

The guy you are targeting is active on Snapchat. It could be your crush, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend you just broke up with. How can you make him jealous, you ask? There are many ways: post a snap with another guy, make him wonder who you are with, or have fun with friends and ignore him.

You can post a sexy photo, too, but remember not to be sexual!

Also, remember that nothing will make him jealous if he doesn’t care about you.

If that’s the case, it is better to move on and divert your attention to someone or something else because you will seem desperate if you keep trying to make him jealous.

This article will cover different methods to make a guy jealous on Snapchat.

How To Make a Guy Jealous on Snapchat

Mental health professionals would say that making anyone jealous on purpose could be a sign of an underlying personal issue that needs to be fixed (such as attachment issues, low self-esteem, and a broken inner child).

That could be true, but it could also be as simple as wanting to see if you have an effect on someone – or if you still impact them.

If you want to make a guy jealous for some reason, here are the different methods!

Method #1: Post Another Guy on Your Snapchat

Post Another Guy On Your Snapchat

This is the most obvious way and probably the first thing you want to do to make a guy jealous on Snapchat (and even in real life).

If you show him that you are with another guy, you will instantly become the most beautiful person in the world (to him), and he will feel that he must do something to get your attention back.

And the intensity of his desire to steal you from that other guy will quadruple if the new guy is more handsome, wealthy, masculine, and taller, makes you happier, and many more!

Method #2: Don’t Share Everything and Make Him Wonder Who You Are With

You could also show that you are with another guy without showing his face.

That will make him wonder who that guy is, and he will think about that the whole day, and he might even send you messages asking who he is. This method will make him lose his mind (in a good way).

But before you do this, know that you might receive hundreds of messages from him!

Method #3: Spend Time With Friends and Show You Can Be Happy Without Him

Sometimes, you don’t need to involve another guy and show him your happiness isn’t dependent on him. You can have fun with friends and family and do it genuinely.

That will make him realize you will not be alone and miserable even if he leaves you. He’s not your whole world but just a part of it.

Your life won’t crumble if one day he disappears.

Method #4: Flaunt Your Sexiness Without Being Sexual

Flaunt Your Sexiness Without Being Sexual

Guys love beautiful people, and that’s a fact. In fact, many studies say that physical attraction is important to any guy – or both men and women, but primarily guys.

And if you show those curves and some more skin, he will think about you the whole day, especially if you look like you are going to meet someone – maybe another guy?

But note that you can be sexy without showing your skin and reaching the point of being sexual. Confidence is sexy, isn’t it?

If you share snaps where your confidence is apparent (like playing sports or making some “boss” moves), that will do!

Method #5: Ignore Him While You Do All of the Above

Guys, in general, like being the center of attention. They want you to focus only on them, which is why it makes them mad if you ignore them while you are having a great time with other people.

He will feel like you are happier with other people, and that will lower his confidence.

Apart from that, if you are not spending time with him, he will be jealous of those who get to spend time with you.

But be careful when doing this. If he feels that he can’t make you happy or that you seem happier with someone else, he will evaluate and question your relationship, and he might conclude that it’s better if you go your separate ways.

If that’s not what you want to happen, don’t make him jealous on purpose! Talk!


While it is okay to do things that will trigger one’s jealousy, if you do it many times, especially in a row, that’s unhealthy and will affect your relationship negatively.

If it is your ex-boyfriend, note that holding on to someone who shouldn’t be part of your life anymore will lead to emotional problems in the future.

But if you are doing it just for fun, why not? Snapchat is a great social media platform for fun activities because you can use many features to communicate with friends and family.

But as we discussed earlier, the methods to make a guy jealous aren’t just for Snapchat. You can do that on other platforms, too!

Facebook and Instagram, for instance, have a Story feature; you can use that if your crush, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend spends a lot of time on those platforms.

The good thing about Stories is that they disappear after 24 hours on their own, and the fact that they are temporary helps to make you feel less guilty about it.

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