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How To Find Out Who Reported You on Instagram

How To Find Out Who Reported You On Instagram

Despite adhering to all the Instagram Community Guidelines and being the most endearing human being, Instagram banned you or suspended your account. It is frustrating and confusing when this happens— as you cannot figure out what you ever did to deserve such a punishment. The final nail in the coffin is when you learn that someone reported you.

People can report your account, post, comment, or message on Instagram. Every Instagram user has the right to report any material that they find abusive and inappropriate. Instagram makes sure its community remains safe for its users. Anything that users report does not get instantly banned or suspended. First, Instagram makes sure that the material reported is actually in violation.

Quick Answer

There is no way to determine who reported you as Instagram makes sure they remain anonymous. But you can put on a Sherlock Holmes hat and figure out who whined about you on Instagram if you follow the guidelines we present. You can get clues from your comments section (through angry comments), your inbox, and your followers’ list (the one who recently unfollowed you). 

So, stick around to learn more!

Why Does Instagram Give the Right to People To Report?

Instagram (one of my favorite social media platforms) is also the fourth most popular social media platform — with over 2 Billion active users. Since it has such a large number of users, there is every kind of content on this platform. Some content is not as productive as we hope and might also be offensive and abusive for some.

Instagram has allowed its users to report such content to get rid of abusive, unsolicited, or misleading content.

Who Determines Which Content Is Abusive or Misleading?

Well, it is partly you! Any content or account that you somehow find inappropriate, you can report it right away. Once done, Instagram determines whether the content or the account (actually) violated the rules.

Instagram has some Community Guidelines, and any content that deviates gets punished. Now, Instagram will punish however the way it deems fit. It can remove the problematic post, suspend the account for a few days, and even terminate any account.

Instagram allows you to report an account, post, comment, story, and even a direct message. It is tedious work, so Instagram takes time to respond as it makes sure the complaint is genuine without rushing. Some users even have complained their reports do not get answered; if that happens, make your friends and other people report too to force Instagram to take action fast.

Reasons To Report An Instagram Account

You can report anyone due to any of the following reasons:

  • It is a spam account that posts or comments on irrelevant things excessively.
  • It contains inappropriate content. Instagram will investigate further what inappropriate material the account reflects and take action accordingly. Inappropriate content is:
    • Harassment
    • Violence
    • Bullying
    • Drug promotion
    • Nudity
    • Pornography
    • Hate speech
    • Etc.
  • Someone is posting annoying content.
  • The profile is pretending to be somebody else (usually a celebrity).
  • There is an infringement of intellectual property.

Instagram will look into each matter, and the punishment for each complaint will be different.

How To Figure Out Who Reported You on Instagram?

There is no way Instagram will let you know who reported you. Instagram keeps its identity protected to prevent an escalation of issues. But, it does not mean you cannot find it by yourself.

Here, let’s check out some ways you can employ to ascertain (guess) the person who reported you. Now, this might not be a hundred per cent accurate guess, but; it will give you a bit idea.


If you actually find out who reported you, and if their concerns were genuine, then hold your horses! Try to bring some changes to your content so that nobody in the future finds you inappropriate or misleading.

Look for Clues in Your Comment Section

Look For Clues In Your Comment Section

One way to discover who might have reported is to look at your comment section (preferably the latest post). Check out the person who had some disagreements or opinions regarding your latest post.

This person might be the culprit behind it all (you never know). If your entire comment section has an angry mob fighting over it, then anyone among them could have reported it.

Look for Clues in Your Direct Messages

Message Icon Instagram

Another way you can seek the one reported is to look at your inbox. Read all the messages (even the message requests) to get clues on the person who might have reported you.

Perhaps, that person might have shown his concern first by sending you messages, and you missed it, which further infuriated them to report you.

Check Out Your Followers’ List

Check Out Your Followers’ List

It is easier to do if you have a few followers (not if you have a million). Check out who stopped being your follower or perhaps blocked you, which will tell you he is the one who is the culprit.


You can use third-party apps to determine who has unfollowed you. The good thing is that these apps give insights into other metrics of your account, including your new followers and the ones you follow, but they do not follow back. Check out FollowMeter for iOS and Followers&Unfollowers for Android. Note these apps do not always work, and they contain ads.


Despite whoever reported you, you need to take responsibility for your actions and bring changes in your content accordingly.

You can figure out who reported by getting clues from your comment section, preferably your latest post, your inbox, and your followers’ list.


How does Instagram respond to complaints?

Instagram takes time to assess each complaint, and then punish accordingly. Instagram may respond in the following ways: By blocking the account, you have reported. Give Strike; the first is the first warning, the second removes images & the third delete the accounts. Instagram can ban the account for some period or terminate it (if it contains more percentage of inappropriate content). Instagram will take no action if it finds no violations.  

Can anyone report you?

Anyone using Instagram can report any content or account they find inappropriate. Instagram will only take action after a proper review.

Will my identity remain secret if I report someone?

Yes, except when you are reporting infringement of intellectual property.

How many reports does it take to get an account deleted?

It takes more than ten reports and some processing time for each report to get an account deleted. 

Can you unreport a post?

Yes, by opening the post and tapping on the three dots in the right corner. Select “Report” and then tap “Unreport.”     

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