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What Happens When You Get Banned on Instagram?

What Happens When You Get Banned On Instagram

The Instagram platform is popular and has become the home of content creators and influencers. Many small businesses depend on the platform, and most people work hard to grow their network of followers. It is disappointing to work hard to grow your Instagram account only to get banned. Imagine losing all your followers and having to start from scratch. It is devastating.

Quick Answer

When you get banned on Instagram, it depends on the type of banishment to determine your fate. But getting banished means you will not log into your account, post any content, like or comment about anything on the platform. When you get banned, you need to wait for your banishment period to be over for temporary bans, or if you think you were banished unfairly, contact the support team.

Cases of Instagram accounts getting banned are normal, most of them because they do not follow the platform’s terms of service. This post has explained why you may get banned, the various types of Instagram banishment, what happens when your account is banned, and how to solve the issue.

Why Was My Instagram Account Banned?

Instagram, like many other platforms, has terms of services that all users must follow accordingly. Failing to honor the terms has cost many users their accounts and money. You may be wondering what conspired to your account being suspended, and here are the possible reasons.

Using an Automation Software

It is against Instagram’s rules for users to use bots or other software that automates their accounts. Instagram requires users to engage with their followers directly instead of bots. If you use a bot to like and comment on posts, Instagram will find out, and you will be banned.

Violating their Terms and Regulations

Violations of terms of service are the main cause of banishment on Instagram. One violation of Instagram terms is stealing other users’ content and posting it on your account. Instagram considers anything someone posts as their property, and reposting it can lead to banishment.

Making Use of Banned Hashtags

Instagram users are advised to search for hashtags that the platform has not banned. There are various ways for users to know if the hashtag has been banned, and it is good to ensure the platform does not ban your account because of using banned hashtags.

Harmful Content

All Instagram users must ensure the content they post is appropriate and aligns with the platform’s terms of service. Some violent content or promoting hate speech can result in your account being banned. Moreover, nudes are prohibited and fall under harmful content.

Reported By Users

Instagram Page Reported By Users

Instagram takes you seriously when a user reports your account. Most complaints reported by users lead to permanent bans. Your account will be banned if you are reported because of harassment or violent content and the evidence provided.

Using Third-Party Tools

Most content creators may find themselves employing third-party software to help in performing bulk actions. Using such tools to increase your followers or likes increases your chances of getting banned.

Types of Instagram Bans

Instagram bans its users in various ways. The main types of bans on the platform are blocked action, shadow ban, and ban.

Blocked Action

Blocked action means that you cannot perform some actions on your account. For instance, if Instagram thinks you are using a bot to like or unlike quickly, they can prevent you from performing functions like liking or unliking.

Shadow ban

A shadow ban occurs when Instagram allows you to use your account, but any content you post will not appear on the hashtag pages. This may be contributed to using banned hashtags or posting too much content.


A ban occurs when you keep repeating the same mistakes and violations of the platform’s policy terms. When you are banned, you will not access your account nor use the same username or email to create a new one.

What Happens When You Get Banned on Instagram?

When Instagram bans your account, it means you will not perform various functions using it. The following are some of the things that happen when you get banned.

Restricted from Accessing your Account

Instagram blocks you from using their platform once you get banned. If it is a permeant ban, you will not comment on anything or send a like.

Lose Your Followers

Instagram accounts that are banned permanently lose all the followers they had gained. Moreover, any content you post on the platform will also be lost.

You Cannot Use the Same Username

When Instagram bans your account, they limit you from trying to create another using the same username, email address, and IP address.

How To Solve a Banned Instagram Account

There are a few tips users can use to try and get their Instagram accounts back.

Give it a 2-3 Days Break

It is recommended to allow your account to rest for two to three days without touching it and wait if anything will change. In some cases, Instagram lifts the ban without notifying you, but this applies to accounts that have not reported any serious policy violations.

Contact the Support Staff

Contact The Support Staff Instagram

If you think Instagram banned your account by mistake, it is good to contact the staff and present the evidence. You will be required to fill out a form, and they will restore your account.

Verify Your Age

Sometimes, the platform disables accounts when they find age issues without informing you. Therefore, you must prove your age to try and recover your account.

Use Third Party Service Providers

Use Third Party Service Providers Do Not Pay

Usually, contacting support will take a long time to get assistance. Some third-party service providers directly contacting Instagram can be used to help you solve the issue quickly. Examples of such service providers include Do Not Pay and IG Recover.


Instagram is one of the strict platforms that ensure users follow their terms and services. This explains why some users have found their accounts being banned. Any serious violation of their policy is buying a direct to getting your account banned. This guide has explained why Instagram accounts are banned, what happens when you are banned, and measures you can take to recover your account.

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