How To Make a FaceTime Call Interesting

How To Make A Facetime Call Interesting

As Apple users, we agree that FaceTime is among the company’s best features. FaceTime lets you conveniently contact your buddies, loved ones, and family to communicate while seeing each other without incurring carrier charges.

When making FaceTime, many people suffer from boring conversations. If you have the same issue, we have ways to save your day.

Quick Answer

One way of making FaceTime interesting is by adding filters and unique backgrounds or blurring your background. Still, you can look for conversation starters and games you can play on FaceTime. Furthermore, you can complement each other to spice up the moment. How you apply each of these tips determines how successful you will be in making your FaceTime interesting.

We will discuss what kills the vibe in FaceTime while offering numerous tips you can use to help spice your FaceTime to make it interesting and more engaging.

What Kills the Vibe in a FaceTime Moment?

FaceTime is a reliable and convenient option when you want to connect with your friends. FaceTime only requires an active internet connection to facilitate the connection. Once you have the details of the person you wish to FaceTime with, you can make the call, and hopefully, they will pick up.

FaceTime is like talking to a person one on one. However, many people fail at maintaining the vibe and get bored. The main cause is running out of conversation starters or failing to keep a smooth flow.

Again, it could be you didn’t plan what to talk about in advance, or the person you are trying to FaceTime with a stranger, and you are yet to create a bond with them.

If you are suffering from a boring FaceTime conversation, we will help you eliminate the boredom and create an interesting FaceTime.

How To Make a FaceTime Call Interesting

We understand when you don’t find FaceTime interesting. The trick lies in how you approach the conversation and the activities you engage in to keep the conversation flowing and not end up in a boring situation. Here are the different ways of engaging in an interesting FaceTime conversation.

Find Interesting Conversation Starters

The conversation starters you use in your FaceTime will determine the flow of the conversation. You can talk about movies or play games like “Would you rather.” Still, you can talk about your weekend plans, travels, hobbies, love life, childhood memories, favorite shows, embarrassing moments, crushing moments, etc.

When you get a conversation starter, it will easily create room for you to engage more with your friend, and you won’t feel bored.

Using Filters

You can eliminate the obvious look by adding filters to your FaceTime calls to spice up the experience.

  1. Start your FaceTime call.
  2. Enlarge the video by tapping the video box that will appear.
  3. Tap the star icon at the bottom.
  4. On the menu that will appear, tap on “Filters.”
  5. Once you’ve added your preferred filter, exit the menu.

You now have a filter for your FaceTime, which will help spice the FaceTime experience.

Use a Blurry Background

With FaceTime, you can add a blurry background by turning on the portrait mode.

  1. Start your FaceTime call.
  2. Tap the video box that will appear.
  3. Tap the portrait icon at the top.
  4. Minimize the video by tapping the space surrounding your video box.

Watch a Movie

When you are planning to FaceTime, consider finding a movie that you can both watch and talk about it during FaceTime. You will find this fascinating and feel like you are watching the movie sited together. You will bond more using this trick.

Moreover, you can go through pictures together and enjoy the good vibes of going through your old photos with your loved ones.

Complement Each Other

When you talk with your friends, one way to enhance the conversation is by complimenting your FaceTime buddy. When you join FaceTime, compliment each other. Talk about how the background looks appealing, their appearance, their attire, etc.

Everyone loves compliments, and when you take the compliment path, you will spice the mood and set the path for a smooth conversation. Besides, if you randomly throw compliments in the middle of the conversation, you will see how interesting the conversation will be.


FaceTime should be interesting. However, how interesting you make it depends on your approaches, such as conversation starters or games you decide to play. Today’s guide presents various ways to make your FaceTime interesting. Have fun!

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