How To Get Celebrities To Join Your Zoom

How To Get Celebrities To Join Your Zoom

We all have our favorite celebrities whom we long to interact with. Meeting a celebrity is not easy; in most cases, you will only see them at events or in their shows.

However, getting one-on-one interaction with them is difficult. Luckily, there is a recent option you can use to get a celebrity to join your Zoom session. Yes, that’s right! Read on to learn more about it.

Quick Answer

When you want your favorite celebrity to join your Zoom, you can use an app like Cameo. With Cameo, you can use its Zoom calls feature to book a Zoom session with celebrities. You can then join around 3 or 4 members in the Zoom session. You must book for the celebrity and pay their charges for the 10-minutes video session you will have with them. If the celebrity is available, they will join your Zoom, and you can interact with them for the specified duration.

Cameo is a handy platform. We will introduce what Cameo is and how it works. Moreover, we will see how to utilize Cameo to have a Zoom session with your preferred celebrity. Stick around!

What Is Cameo?

You might have already heard about Cameo, the app that lets people meet famous people. Cameo is known as the app that lets you get your favorite celebrity to give a shoutout on your behalf. For instance, you can have the celebrity give a birthday shoutout to your friend as your birthday gift to them.

Recently, Cameo introduced the Cameo Live Zoom Call feature. With this new feature, getting your celebrity to join your Zoom call is now possible. More about this is covered in the next section. The idea behind this new feature is to allow people to book a Zoom session with their favorite celebrities.

So, if you are dying to have a live one-on-one interaction with a celebrity, you can check them out on Cameo. You can check their rate card and book them if they are available. However, you can only interact with one celebrity at a time.

How To Get Celebrities To Join Your Zoom

Initially, you could only hire celebrities for shoutouts. However, you can now join a Zoom session with the celebrity. It gets better as you can invite a maximum of four people to join the Zoom session to kill any awkward silences that may occur.

The only thing you must do is to book the celebrity at their preferred rates. Some celebrities require charges for up to $10k.

So, check if your preferred celebrity is available for bookings on the Cameo site. If they are available, check their prices and proceed to book them if you can sustain their rate. Here’s a breakdown for the same.

  1. Visit the Cameo site.
  2. Search for your preferred celebrity or check them on the featured celebrities.
  3. Click on the “Book” button.
  4. Add the required details to help customize your request when booking the celebrity.
  5. Once you have all the details, review the request and pay.

When booking, you will see the celebrity in their calendar if the celebrity is available. Once they accept your request, a private Zoom link will be shared with you. You can use the link to invite a maximum of four people.

You can join the Zoom meeting and interact with your favorite celebrity on the scheduled date in the Zoom video call. It’s that simple. You will enjoy 10 minutes of a Zoom video session with the celebrity. So, if you have any questions you wish to ask, you are free to interact with the celebrity, provided you keep the conversation respectful.

With Cameo, you can select any celebrity from the featured ones, and if you can match their rate and the celebrity is available, you can book them. However, you can’t book different celebrities to have them in the same video session.


You can utilize Cameo’s Zoom call feature to have a Zoom session with your favorite celebrity. We’ve explained Cameo and the recently introduced feature that lets you book a 10-minute Zoom video call session with celebrities. Have fun!

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