How To Bypass Zoom Meeting Limit

How To Bypass Zoom Meeting Limit

You’ve probably hosted a Zoom meeting only for it to end the session after 40 minutes. Creating another meeting and sharing the invitation link is quite hectic in the middle of a session.

Many Zoom hosts are looking for a trick to bypass the Zoom meeting limit, so they can have a longer session without upgrading to the pro version. How’s that possible?

Quick Answer

The obvious way to bypass the Zoom meeting limit is to get the Zoom Pro version. However, if that’s not an option for you, schedule your Zoom meeting in advance and share the meeting details with your team. When in the meeting and notice the session ending countdown is about to expire, ask everyone to leave the meeting after you’ve left and rejoin using the same meeting details. That way, Zoom will automatically begin the counter again.

First, we understand the Zoom meeting link and why Zoom has this limit. Afterward, we will see the tricks to use when you want to bypass this meeting limit. Stick around for more!

How Does the Zoom Meeting Limit Work?

When you want to use Zoom, you have two options. First, you can create a free account with the basic features. The free account only requires you to use your credentials to sign up for a Zoom account.

You can then sign in to your Zoom account whenever you want to create a meeting or join an existing meeting. With the free Zoom version, you have a limit of 100 participants per session, and the maximum meeting duration per session is 40 minutes.

Alternatively, you can create a Zoom Pro account with meetings lasting over 24 hours and having up to 1000 participants. The free Zoom version is the most preferred for small users and organizations.

The only drawback comes in the session ending abruptly after every 40 minutes. You must create another Zoom meeting and share the details with your team.

So, how do you bypass this limit and create more Zoom sessions without having to create a new meeting after every 40 minutes? We will answer this question in the next section below.

How To Bypass Zoom Meeting Limit

Zoom is an excellent solution for connecting us remotely. Whether you want a weekend catch-up, an official meeting, a Zoom party, etc., you must bypass the Zoom meeting limit. Luckily, there are two approaches you can use to get more convenience when using Zoom.

Upgrade to Zoom Pro

When you have a few dollars to spend, why not upgrade to the Zoom Pro version? They offer different subscription plans, but Pro is one of the cheapest. With the Pro version, you can have your Zoom meetings extended to even 24 hours per session without you having to leave the meeting or creating a new meeting at any point.

Moreover, you will enjoy more participants than the 100 participants with the free Zoom version.

Restart the Zoom Counter

When you are with the free Zoom version and want to bypass the meeting limit, your best option is to make the Zoom 40 minutes counter restart whenever it nears to end of the session. For that, you must use a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Here’s the comprehensive guide.

  1. Open Zoom and sign in if you haven’t already.
  2. On the main page, click the “Schedule” button.
  3. Choose the meeting date and time.
  4. Under the “Calendar” section, ensure the “Other Calendars” option is enabled.
  5. Click the “Save” button, copy the meeting details, and share them with your team.
  6. When in the meeting, and you notice the countdown is near the 40-minute limit, click “Leave Meeting.”
  7. Have other participants also leave the meeting and join back using the same details.

With this trick, Zoom will end up restarting the 40-minutes counter. If you don’t click the “End for All” button, you can repeat the same trick to prolong your Zoom meeting.


Bypassing the Zoom meeting limit involves using a given trick. We’ve seen the two methods you can use to bypass this meeting limit. Try them out and extend your Zoom meetings.

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