How To Make a Boy Blush on FaceTime

How To Make A Boy Blush On Facetime

Are you looking for tips to make a guy blush?

Seeing a guy blush is irresistibly cute, and who wouldn’t want to see their guy blush?

Guys try hard to hide their emotions, but you can always pull a few tricks to make them blush, especially on Facetime, where you both see each other.

The tricks presented in this article work, and you will delight in how much your guy will blush.

Quick Answer

The first trick is maintaining eye contact while making sensitive moves, such as slowly biting your lip. Next, compliment him about their dressing, hairstyle, etc. You can even ask him to stand for you to see his full attire. Also, ask him a touchy question while smiling and watch him blush. Other tricks involve teasing him, calling him by a nickname, and talking about sensitive topics while making flirtatious body language.

This guide arms you with the right tricks to make your guy blush. We will cover each trick in detail, exhausting every point you should stress to guarantee that your guy can’t help but blush.

What Triggers a Guy to Blush?

Making a guy blush sounds impossible. But here’s the thing, guys make it hard for them to blush, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

All it takes is a few moves, and you will have your guy cutely blushing. Sounds sweet, right?

One fact is that men and women can blush over the same things or reasons. If you flatter him, be guaranteed that he will irresistibly blush and may fail to admit it. Besides, the more a guy is into you, the more likely he will blush.

The trick is to understand your man. Know what entices him and what he considers sensitive, then utilize that weakness to make him blush. It may take a few attempts to master what flatters him, but when you eventually do, you will have won.

How To Make a Boy Blush on Facetime

If you find it hard to make your guy blush, don’t panic! We will get into the details of the various tricks that you can use.

Try the presented tricks to see which works for your case.

Tip #1: Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is the one move that can make your guy feel his nerves playing tricks, forcing him to blush.

Guys are not used to ladies maintaining eye contact. So, during Facetime, ensure you look straight into the eye longer than him.

Spice the eye contact with a cheeky smile that will drive him nuts.

If you manage that, you are guaranteed that he can’t help but smile and eventually blush.

Be sure not to look weird by staring at him.

The trick is to put on your best smile, bite your lip where necessary, and maintain eye contact.

He will irresistibly blush.

Tip #2: Compliment Your Guy

Even guys love compliments.

So, when on Facetime, compliment his hairstyle, his dressing, and his looks! Again, compliment him with a glow on your face. Maintain eye contact and smile while complimenting him.

Avoid using cliché compliments.

Instead, be genuine, and compliment every detail, including how much he is glowing today.

Your guy can’t help receiving the compliments and will likely blush.

Tip #3: Talk About Sensitive Topics

Some topics cause goosebumps, and when you know your man is sensitive to such topics, Facetime is the best moment to talk about them.

Time the right moment to bring up the topic when he least expected it.

That way, he will end up shying off. Again, this trick depends on how well you know your man.

You can trigger a sensitive topic with a sensitive question and combine it with flirtatious body language. The goosebumps and chills will make him blush.

Tip #4: Make Sexy Moves

Facetime is all about seeing each other on a call.

Therefore, you can spice the moment with a few sexy moves.

Body language is a weakness for most guys.

So, spark thoughts in his mind through sexy moves that entice him, then watch closely how he behaves.

Tip #5: Tease Him

Unexpected teasing does the trick. Teasing could involve calling your guy using a nickname and watching the impact it does on him. Still, you could tease him by asking him to stand and dance.

Moreover, you can play a game on Facetime and tease him to make funny facials or body movements.

The impact of teasing him depends on how much he likes you. If he is into you, he will blush for sure.


How to make a boy blush is not a difficult task. It only takes the right tricks and correct timing to do the magic.

This guide presents five tricks that, when applied correctly, will make a boy blush on Facetime.

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