How To License Music for YouTube

How To License Music For Youtube

YouTube has become a suitable platform where creators showcase their content because of the security involved.

This means that once a creator has uploaded a given content, it is associated with a content-id which prevents other creators from copy-pasting their content.

Because of music copyrights, it is essential to licensing music for YouTube to avoid getting into problems with YouTube copyrights.

Quick Answer

When you have a music license, you enter into a contract to use a given music legally without getting into copyright issues. You can license music for YouTube through sync license agreements that allow you to use a given song in a video format. Additionally, a track club subscription is another way to license music for YouTube.

Music copyright is a crucial issue you cannot neglect when creating content on YouTube. This post has explained what happens when you use copyrighted music without permission, why it is essential to license music for YouTube, and how to license music for YouTube. Let’s begin!

What Happens if You Use Copyrighted Music on YouTube?

Copyrights are a way of protecting your content on YouTube to ensure no one copies it. Because of music copyrights, you cannot use any music unless it is free.

Using copyrighted music without permission is risky because the copyright detector can flag your account, resulting in actions set by the copyright holder.

Copyright holders can act against you when you use their music without permission. The following are the actions they can take against you.

  • Blocking your video worldwide or in some regions.
  • Muting your video.
  • The copyright holder can monetize your video by adding ads to it and benefit from it.
  • Your content may be restricted from specific platforms and apps.
  • The copyright holder may request the video to be removed from YouTube.

Moreover, copyright holders can change their policy anytime, meaning they can take more actions than you saw while using their content without permission. Thus, to avoid getting into problems, licensing music for your YouTube content is important.

If a copyright removal request is valid, you risk getting a copyright strike lasting 90 days. When you have a copyright strike, you may be unable to monetize your videos.

Why Is It Important To License Music for YouTube?

When you want to create YouTube content, you must license music. Music in any video boosts how your video is viewed and may lead to many views.

Because most music is copyrighted, using them without a license would be a big loss because it may mean you may not earn any money from it.

Copyright holders may monetize through your video and choose to divide the earnings. Thus, if you don’t want to be in such a situation, it is important to license music for YouTube.

Moreover, the license prevents your content from being flagged and removed from the platform.

How To License Music for YouTube

A music license defines music you can legally use and for how long. The license describes the agreeable uses, and there are two ways of licensing music for YouTube.

A Synchronization License

A synchronization license, also called a sync license, grants one permission to use a song in video formats. A sync license involves one contacting the copyright holder and negotiating.

Negotiations involve factors like budget, and it may take time for the holder to agree to give the license.

Track Club Subscription

A track subscription is a better license for music because it allows one to use songs in a Track Club catalog without negotiations with the copyright holders.

You will pay subscription fees but no additional fees or royalties. This license suits businesses and individuals who wish to create content without compromising copyrights. You can use this license as indicated below.

  1. Choose your subscription.
  2. Sign up through the prompts on the screen.
  3. Find the perfect song through filters.
  4. Use a suitable platform to customize the song with your video.


Licensing music for YouTube is ideal for creating content on YouTube. This post has explained the best ways of licensing music for YouTube and what will happen when you use copyrighted music without permission.

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