How To Change Emote Prefix on Twitch

How To Change Emote Prefix On Twitch

Many Twitch users often ask how they can change their emote prefix. If you, too, have a similar question, this post will guide you on the steps to follow and what it takes to change the emote prefix on Twitch.

Quick Answer

You can only change your emote prefix on Twitch if you are a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. For the Twitch Affiliate, access your Creator Dashboard. Navigate to the “Viewer Rewards,” then click “Emotes” under “Subscriber Emotes.” You will see the “Emote Prefix” option. Click the “Update Prefix” dropdown, update your emote prefix, and confirm the changes.

Today’s focus is on Twitch emote prefix. We will discuss what it is and further explain how you can change it while mentioning what it takes to change it. Let’s get started!

Understanding Twitch Emote Prefix

Twitch is a fascinating streaming platform. Once you join the platform as a streamer, you can create your channel and grow it to gain more followers. Twitch offers different ways for streamers to grow their channel, including using emotes.

As a streamer, you can use custom emotes to give your viewers an excellent time when watching your live streams. Each emote has a code consisting of 6 letter prefix that is randomly generated, followed by a word you choose to identify the emote.

The emote prefix is nearly similar to the emote code, and you can change it at some point, provided you are qualified. The idea is to get a meaningful emote prefix to represent the particular emote.

How To Change the Emote Prefix on Twitch

Are you curious about how to change the emote prefix on Twitch? You should understand that you can only change the emote prefix if you are a Twitch Affiliate and have recently changed your Twitch name or you are a Twitch Partner, as that gives you access to more privileges than other Twitch streamers.

Once you meet any of the two options, you can change your Twitch emote prefix with simple steps. Follow the below steps and ensure to select the option for Affiliate or Partner, depending on your case.

  1. Open Twitch and sign in to your account.
  2. Locate your Twitch profile picture at the top and click on it.
  3. Click the option for “Creator Dashboard” to open the Stream Manager.
  4. Expand the menu by clicking the three horizontal lines above.
  5. Click on the option for Viewer Rewards from the display menu.
  6. Click “Emotes” under “Subscriber Emotes.”
  7. Find the option for “Emote Prefix” and check if there is a button for “Update Prefix.”
  8. If you can see the button, it signals that you are eligible to change the emote prefix.
  9. Once you click on it, a new emote prefix will immediately get assigned to you.

That’s how you can change the emote prefix as a Twitch Affiliate or Partner by accessing your Creator Dashboard.


Changing the emote prefix on Twitch is possible; you must be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Again, it’s not always that you can change it.

This post has discussed what it takes to change the emote prefix on Twitch. Moreover, we’ve detailed what steps to follow to change the mote prefix. Hopefully, you’ve understood how to go about it. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I self-choose a new Twitch emote prefix?

Twitch reserves the self-chosen prefixes to streamers who are Twitch Partners. Anyone else can only utilize the randomly generated prefix; even if you contact Twitch, they don’t give any exceptions regarding the emote prefix.

When can I change the Twitch emote prefix?

You can change the emote prefix if you are Twitch Affiliate whenever you change your username, and that only happens once every 60 days. As a Twitch Partner, you can change the emote prefix frequently.

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