Who Has the Fastest-Growing Army on YouTube?

Who Is The Fastest Growing Army On Youtube

Over the last decade, YouTube has established itself as one of the most popular video streaming platforms.

It has also redefined content creation, with millions of YouTubers earning their living from YouTube videos.

Because of its marketing capability and competitiveness, having a successful YouTube career and building a follower army is often a slow and steady journey for most creators.

However, occasionally, someone defies the norm and amasses a following within a short period.

Quick Answer

Danny Gonzalez is the fastest-growing army on YouTube. Danny began his content creation career by making short commentary and comedy videos on Vine and had about 3 million followers. Unfortunately, he had to switch his craft to YouTube after the Vine platform shut down in 2017.

Danny’s YouTube videos focus on criticism of the internet, culture, and music commentary. He has over 8 million YouTube subscribers and the fastest-growing army record since 2022.

If you’re curious about who the fastest-growing army on YouTube is, his background, and how he rose to this record, read this post to the end.

Overview of the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube

The fastest-growing army on YouTube is a title given to YouTubers with a loyal following typically referred to by a given name.

Note that having the fastest-growing army on YouTube is not synonymous with having the fastest-growing channel. An army refers to a declared fan base, while subscribers and viewers define a growing channel.

Next, we’ll discuss details of the fastest-growing army on YouTube, including history, rise to fame, and YouTube channel statistics.

Who Is Danny Gonzalez?

Danny Gonzalez is a famous American YouTuber and the current title holder for the fastest-growing army on YouTube.

Danny was born in Chicago, Illinois, where he currently lives. Gonzalez grew up in Wheaton, Illinois, and is one of three siblings.

Danny has a bachelor’s Degree in Computational media from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Danny started content creation at only 13 years. However, his content creation career began in 2013 when he started posting videos on Vine.

His main niche was comedy and commentary videos. His humor and relatable personality quickly propelled him to fame on the platform.

By 2017, he had approximately 2.9 million followers. Unfortunately, Vine was shut down in 2017, forcing Danny to shift to a different platform.

Even though Danny Gonzalez had an active YouTube account before 2017, his focus on growing his fan base on the app started in 2017.

Danny Gonzalez’s Rise To Becoming the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube

Like his Vine videos, Danny’s YouTube channel focuses on comedy and commentary. He also made amusing parody songs that attracted millions of viewers.

By August 2018, Danny Gonzalez already had a million YouTube followers. His quick rise to popularity caught many people’s attention.

At this time, Danny started to define his brand and named his YouTube army ’Greg.’

In the same year, Danny did several Troom Troom reaction videos that became very popular and may have been responsible for his significant rise to YouTube fame.

In 2019, Danny’s fan base continued to grow. He took his brand a notch higher by collaborating with different YouTube creators, including social media influencers, comedians, and bloggers.

He added other content categories to his niche, such as music parodies. He has popular criticism videos on Logan and Jake Paul, fellow YouTubers.

By the end of 2019, Danny Gonzalez had approximately 2 million YouTube followers.

As of 2022, Danny Gonzalez had over 7 million YouTube channel subscribers. His video view milestones include gaining over 300 million views in 2019, 500 million in 2020, and 800 million in 2021.

Gonzalez has been among the fastest-growing YouTube army contenders since 2018. He won the title in 2022 and is still the current title holder in 2023.

Given his steady rise in views and followers, Danny will likely hold this title for a long time.

Besides being a creator, Danny Gonzalez earns income from his merchandise, including accessories and clothing. His clothing mostly features catchphrases and slogans from his popular videos.

You can review and purchase any of his merchandise from his website.


Danny Gonzalez is the fastest-growing army on YouTube and has held the title since 2022.

He refers to his army singularly as Greg.

Danny started content creation on Vine, where he had at least 2.9 million followers.

Gonzalez shifted to YouTube after Vine shut down in 2017.

Danny Gonzalez currently has over 8 million YouTube followers.

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