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Does Messenger Notify When You Save a Photo?

Does Messenger Notify When You Save A Photo

Messenger is a great application for sending messages to Facebook users, and it has given some users worries that someone will know when they save a photo of someone.

You may want to save your friend’s photo but don’t want them to know.

Read this guide to know what happens when you save a person’s photo on Facebook.

Quick Answer

When you save a person’s photo, Facebook will only notify you that you have saved the photo to the given storage. But the photo owner will not receive a notification of you saving their photo. This means you can save as many pictures as you wish, and no one will know about it unless they see the photos on your phone.

Many users have been concerned about the safety of their photos o Facebook, which is why this guide has explained if you will get notified if a person saves your photo, how to save someone’s Facebook photo, and how you can ensure your photos are protected from unauthorized access. If you wish to learn more about the topic, please keep reading!

Does Messenger Notify When You Save a Photo?

Messenger is the messaging app for Facebook, but it never sends a notification to users when another person has saved their photos. This gives people the freedom to save other people’s photos and use them for any purpose they wish.

If you see a picture of your friend and want to save it, you don’t have to worry that they will get notified you saved it.

Therefore, anyone can save other person’s photos, as indicated in the following section, without worrying the owner will know it.

How To Save a Photo on Messenger

Facebook has allowed it to save photos and other things on the platform.

When you find a suitable photo that you wish to save, you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Launch Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Click to open the photo you wish to save. Click To Open The Photo You Wish To Save.
  3. Click the More icon at the bottom of the photo. Click The More Icon
  4. Tap the “Save” option. Tap The Save Option.

The photo will get saved on your device immediately, and you can upload it on Facebook if you wish.

How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Access to My Facebook Photos?

The easiness of saving people’s photos on Facebook has led to security concerns. When a person cannot know who downloads their photo, it means anybody can access their photos and use them for whatever reason they wish.

This explains the existence of many fake accounts on Facebook, as a person can use any random photo they download to create their profile. If you don’t want to be a victim of such things, you can protect your photos by making your account private.

The following steps will guide you in making sure access to your photos is limited on Facebook:

  1. Launch your Facebook account on your phone. Restart The Facebook Android App
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) Facebook Menu Profile Icon
  3. Click on the “Settings & Privacy” option. Settings And Privacy Facebook
  4. Choose “Settings” from the menu. Settings Facebook
  5. Go to the “Account” section and click “Privacy checkup”. Privacy Checkup Facebook
  6. Choose the first option of “who can see what you share”. Who Can See What You Share Facebook
  7. Tap the “Continue” button. Tap The Continue Button.
  8. Click on “Next” and change your audience. Click On Next
  9. Under Default Audience, change your audience to “Friends” alone or “Only me” option. Change Your Default Audience

You can customize more settings and decide how your posts can be accessed, including stories. This ensures your data is protected from other people except those you trust.


Facebook is an excellent platform for posting photos of yourself, but you must be aware of the danger of unauthorized access when you have not ensured privacy on your posts.

This guide has explained if a person will get a notification when another saves their photos and how you can ensure the security of your posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Messenger notify the person if I save their photo?

No. Messenger does not notify another person when you download their Photo on Facebook. Messenger will only tell you that you have saved the photo, but the other party will not know unless they access it on your device. Therefore, you can download someone’s photos without the need to be worried.

How can I ensure the security of my photos on Facebook?

Because Messenger does not notify users when their posts are downloaded, it is essential to ensure your photos are secure by changing your account settings. Facebook allows you to choose who can access your posts, and if you don’t want anybody to access them, you can change the settings to remove your audience and set it to only yourself.

How can I tell if a photo is stolen on Facebook?

There is no feature on Facebook that can tell you if a photo is stolen, but you can use other tools on the internet to tell. You can use Google Images to scan if a person is who he tells or any other suitable application.

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