How To Hide Words in Discord

How To Hide Words In Discord

Discord has amazed many people with how it works. It is among the few platforms that allow you to modify how members of a platform can view your messages and images.

Did you know you could hide some words from showing automatically on a Discord channel?

When you hide the words, the members of the channel will not see the hidden words unless they tap on them.

The hiding of words on Discord is achieved through spoiler tags and can be done from a desktop computer or mobile device.

Quick Answer

One way of hiding words in Discord is using two vertical bars. You must place two vertical bars before and after the words you want to hide. For instance, ||this|| will make the word this to be hidden from Discord users unless they tap on them. Moreover, as explained in this guide, you can hide words in Discord in other ways.

Hiding words in Discord is suitable to allow users to decide the content they want to view. If you wonder how and why people hide words, read this post!

Why Should You Hide Words in Discord

Hiding words and images is a Discord feature that Discord introduced to allow users to choose the content they wish to view.

When in a channel, you may find some images which are not suitable for viewing. In such a case, you can use a spoiler to hide the image before you post it.

A hidden image or word will never show automatically to other Discord users. Users who want to see hidden words and images can do so by tapping on the hidden content.

Hiding words is important to void ruining the mood of others. It is mostly used when you want to announce news that might annoy some Discord members.

How To Hide Words in Discord

Hiding words on Discord is easy and can be achieved in multiple ways. Also, when hiding words, one can achieve it using a computer or mobile device.

Hiding words in different devices work the same way, and you can achieve it, as indicated below.

  1. Open Discord. Open The Discord App Mobile
  2. Open a channel where you wish to post hidden words. Open A Channel To Post
  3. Type your message in the space but don’t enter. Type Your Message In The Space
  4. Insert two vertical lines before and after the words you intend to hide. Insert Two Vertical Lines Before And After The WordsThe text should look like ||these words will be hidden||.
  5. Press Enter to post your message on Discord. Press Enter To Post

Hide Words on Windows and iOS Devices

When you are using iOS devices, you can hide words, as indicated below.

  1. Open Discord. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Go to the channel where you want to post hidden words. Go To The Channel
  3. Type your message. Type Your Message.
  4. Highlight the words you want to hide. Highlight The Words You Want To Hide.
  5. Tap “Mark as Spoiler” (Eye Icon) from the menu that shows up. Tap Mark As Spoiler From The Menu
  6. Press Enter to send the message on Discord.

Hide Words Using Spoiler Tag

Another method of hiding words on Discord is using the spoiler tag.

In such a case, you will open Discord and type your message.

Before the text you wish to hide, insert /spoiler, and the words will be blacked out.

If you want to hide the words died you can write as shown here: “/spoiler died”

The word “died” will be hidden unless the reader taps on it.


Hiding words in Discord is encouraged when there is content you wish to hide from users.

When a Discord member feels he can view the content, they can tap on it and view it.

If you have never hidden words on Discord and wondering how you can do it, read this post to discover multiple ways to achieve your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide images on Discord?

Hiding in Discord works for images and words. After you have attached an image, right-click on it, then click to mark it as a spoiler. The image will be hidden from other members. You can also hide words by highlighting them and marking them as a spoiler.

Why is Discord hiding some content?

Hiding of content in Discord is done to prevent automatic viewing of some unsuitable content. Such content is called a spoiler; if you don’t want to see it, Discord hides it when the original poster uses a spoiler. When you want to view the content, you tap on it.

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