What Is a Discord Kitten?

What Is A Discord Kitten

As a Discord user, you will quickly realize that people use loads of slang on their servers that are unique to the site.

Considering any Discord user can come up with slang, it sometimes takes work to keep up with each one’s meanings.

One common slang that has been gaining much traction lately is the Discord Kitten.

So, what does Discord Kitten mean?

Quick Answer

A Discord kitten is essentially a sugar baby operating from Discord servers. In layman’s terms, Discord kittens please other users; in turn, they are gifted whatever the arrangement was. The payment is usually in Discord Nitros gifts, but it can be anything else.

Judging by above mentioned meaning of a Discord kitten, the term is usually associated with sex work and therefore frowned upon. However, that isn’t always the case. Learn everything you need to know about Discord kittens from the post below.

Overview of Discord Kittens

Discord is a platform that allows individuals to connect over similar interests via servers or in private messages. A user aspiring to be a Discord kitten will lure other users to their private messages.

And then offer to satisfy the other person’s needs or fetishes in exchange for gifts. Therefore, you can argue that a Discord kitten is a willing slave to someone else for monetary gain.

A Discord kitten is owned and paid for by a Discord daddy. Discord daddy is the same as a sugar daddy, where the person pays others to pleasure them.

While the pleasure could come in many forms, it’s mostly sexual favors and mature content.

The majority of Discord kittens are young and naive girls. And the Discord daddies are older adults. Therefore, if you suspect a young girl in your care is a Discord kitten, then it’s in their best interest to intervene.

Is It Legal To Be a Discord Kitten?

Although Discord has several guidelines that all users must adhere to, no rules speak against Discord kittens and Discord daddies. However, all parties involved should be consenting adults.

Keeping in mind the lack of guidelines to protect the Kittens, it’s important to ensure they go into the practice safely and not give out personal information unless they are sure about the other person.

How To Become a Discord Kitten

Considering the term Discord kitten is slang that is randomly made popular, there is no proven guideline of how to become one. That said, you should find a way that works for you to help you lure in Discord daddies.

Below are some helpful pointers:

  • Launch Discord and search for E-dating servers, servers advertised as looking for sugar babies, Discord daddies pages, and any other pages along the same lines.
  • Create a female profile, as those are more alluring to your target market. If you don’t want to use your actual photos, you can opt to use artwork or anime pics.
  • Broach conversation with Discord daddies in the servers you have followed. Alternatively, you can send messages on the servers and hope someone slides into your private chats.

Are Discord Kittens the Same As UwU Girls?

While the term Discord kittens and UwU girls are often used interchangeably, they are quite different. As mentioned earlier, a Discord kitten pleases a Discord daddy in exchange for gifts.

On the other hand, Discord UwU girls are users that dress and act like female anime characters. Most UwU girls also perform favors for other users in exchange for gifts. This genre is arguably meant for people with an anime fetish.

How Are Discord Kittens Compensated?

A Discord daddy and kitten can easily work up a payment plan and platform that works for them. Therefore, let the other party know if you prefer to receive your money through the bank.

However, most Kittens prefer to be paid via the Discord site through Nitros.

First off, Nitros are only available for paid Discord accounts. The Discord daddy can purchase a Nitro gift, and they will be sent a link. They should then send the kitten the link so they can claim the Nitro for monetary compensation.


Discord kittens are people who please other Discord users in exchange for gifts and money.

While the favors in question could be anything, it’s mostly sexual favors and, therefore, not ideal for people not looking for sex work.

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