How To Change the Discord Call Sound

How To Change Discord Call Sound

Discord is one of the platforms that people depend on to connect with friends.

When you are using the app consistently, you may find the default sound settings boring to use.

In such a case, you may need to change the call sound and other notifications to your liking.

The main question that many people ask themselves is if it is possible to change the Discord call sound.

Quick Answer

Changing the Discord call sound can seem difficult, but the good news is that you can now achieve that from mobile settings or using a computer. When using a mobile phone, you can open the settings app and find Discord from the installed application, tap the Notifications option, go to call, set another ringtone, and then save.

Many users have tried to change the Discord call sound without success. The guide has explained if it is possible to change the Discord call sound on a mobile phone and how to change the Discord call sound on a PC.

Can I Change the Discord Call Sound on Mobile?

Discord does not offer an inbuilt option for changing the Discord notification sounds, making it impossible for many people to change the call sound. But the good news is there are other ways.

All Android and iPhone users can now modify the call sound to a suitable one using their phone settings when they cannot access the application via a computer.

How To Change Discord Call Sound

Changing the Discord notification sound is a common issue that many users have experienced.

The default Discord sound can perform the task, but the sound is too boring, raising the need to set a suitable sound that you find interesting.

Change the Discord Call Sound on Mobile

The Discord mobile application does not offer an in-built feature for changing Discord call sound.

Still, users can achieve that from the “Settings” application of their mobile phone as indicated below.

On Android

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.Settings App
  2. Go to “Applications and Permissions.”Settings Applications Mobile
  3. Tap on “App manager” to open other installed applications.App Manager Android
  4. Navigate to Discord and tap it.Navigate To Discord And Tap It.
  5. Choose the “Notification” option.Choose The Notifications Option.
  6. Select “Incoming calls” and tap the “Volume” option.Tap The Sound Volume Option.
  7. Select the default notification sound from the list.Select The Default Notification Sound From The List.

On iPhone

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings application.Open The Settings App On Iphone
  2. Tap the “General” option.Go To General.
  3. Go to “iPhone Storage.”Tap On The Iphone Storage Option.
  4. Choose “Discord” from the installed applications.Scroll Through The Apps And Select Discord.
  5. Tap “Manage Notifications” and turn on the “Allow Notifications” button.Turn On The Allow Notifications Button
  6. Tap on “Discord Notification Settings” to change the call sound or any other notification you want to modify.Tap On Discord Notification Settings

Change the Discord Call Sound on the PC

Changing the Discord call sound on a computer can be very challenging because of the complicated steps involved.

You must change the current sounds if you want to change the Discord call sound, as indicated below:

  1. Open the Windows Run prompt by pressing the “Windows and R” keys simultaneously.Press Windows + R
  2. Enter “%appdata%” in the field and click “OK.”Type %Appdata% In The Search Box.
  3. Go to “Discord” and open the “Cache” folder.Go To Discord And Open The Cache File.
  4. Once you open the cache files, you will find the different files, including the sound files. Find the Discord call sound by adding a .mp3 or .wav extension to each file. Add the extension by right-clicking on each file and tapping rename, then add an extension.Rename The Sound Files
  5. Once you find the appropriate files, replace them with the desired sound you want to set.Replace Them With The Desired Sound

This method may be risky because it can lead to the crashing of Discord. Finding the most appropriate files to replace may also take a long time. But if you are determined to change the Discord call sound, try this method.


The default Discord call sound can sound outdated and boring when you are a Discord fan.

For that reason, many users always want to change the default Discord sound.

The guide has explained how you can change the Discord call sound and set it to a custom sound using a computer.

Moreover, you can change the call sound on Discord using the phone’s “Settings” application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change Discord notifications from the Discord mobile app?

The Discord mobile application does not provide a feature for changing the various notification sounds on the app. If you find the sound unsuitable, you may try another sound from your phone but not directly from the Discord settings.

Can I change the Discord notification on PC?

Users can change Discord Notification on PC, but it involves a complicated process. One must find the notification files from the cache file on Discord and replace them with the sound they want to set. Moreover, the solution is risky because replacing the wrong files can make Discord crash.

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