How To Grow on YouTube

How To Grow On Youtube

YouTube has a user population of approximately 2 billion, making it one of the most popular websites globally. Over the last few years, YouTube’s creator population has risen to over 15 million.

If you’re a creative person who is comfortable on camera or has a niche they’d wish to explore, becoming a YouTuber is an excellent choice.

However, it’s not enough to just start a channel. Instead, learning what to do or avoid to grow your presence on the app and maximize the rewards is crucial.

Quick Answer

Some ways to grow on YouTube include picking a niche you’re passionate about because you must dedicate several hours a week to researching and recording videos about topics in this niche. Posting can be overwhelming if you’re not fully immersed or passionate about this area, affecting your consistency. Another tip is to set a schedule; this will help you post consistently without falling off.

If you’re considering becoming a YouTuber and are wondering how to grow your audience, read this post to the end.

Overview of Growing on YouTube

YouTube content creation is an excellent pursuit for creative people who enjoy recording and posting videos. However, not all budding creators succeed.

This is mainly because talent and creativity are only some of the requirements needed to grow on the platform. You must also be consistent, utilize user feedback, and explore various topics your viewers may be interested in.

Remember, learning what to do and what to avoid can significantly affect the time it takes to build a sizable subscriber base and eventually start earning from your videos.

Next, we’ll discuss factors to consider to grow on YouTube.

Tips To Grow on YouTube

Examples of tips and tricks to use to grow on YouTube include.

Choose an Area You’re Passionate About

Your niche is one of the most crucial considerations for growing an audience on YouTube.

If you’re starting, try reflecting on whether you can keep up with the demand of researching various topics in that niche over several months and, eventually, years.

If not, then find a niche you’re excited about. Remember, your niche will form the basis of your content.

Even though you can switch niches, not all your followers may enjoy your new topics. Additionally, switching niches makes your followers doubt your authenticity as a brand.

Create a Posting Schedule

To grow on YouTube, you have to post videos consistently. Posting consistently ensures viewers have something to look forward to weekly or bi-weekly. It also builds your channel by exposing your content to new audiences.

While you can rely on your motivation to post regularly, having a realistic schedule is better. Remember to stick to a reasonable schedule to avoid burning out too early.

Content creation can be as demanding as any other job. For this reason, keeping a realistic schedule is paramount.

Benchmark With Other Videos and Creators To Improve

Besides creating a schedule and posting consistently, working towards high-quality content with every video you post is vital.

If you’re new to YouTube creation, your first few videos may not be the best. However, you have to invest in quality to attract and retain viewers.

One way to improve your content is with video quality. Ensure you master angles, lighting, audio, and visual quality.

Next, check other videos in your niche to learn intros and other vital details. Practicing what you learn will help you improve and build your audience on the platform.

Incorporate Various Marketing Techniques

To grow on YouTube, you must utilize various marketing techniques to ensure your videos reach the intended audience. Some marketing techniques you can use include the following.

  • Using the right keywords and hashtags.
  • Researching interesting topics.
  • Seeking collaborations with other creators.

Keywords are words the YouTube algorithm uses to rank your video and determine its target audience. Without using the correct keywords, your video’s exposure to your target audience will remain low, limiting your growth.

To learn which keywords are best for videos in your niche, use the native search function and study other videos in your category. You can also rely on YouTube analytics tools and online sources.

Another essential marketing technique to help with growth on YouTube is using hashtags. Hashtags are important in ranking videos and setting the audience. Even though YouTube allows up to 15 hashtags, it’s best to stick to two or three.

As your channel grows, seek collaborations and shoutouts from other creatives in your niche. This will help expose your content to new audiences who may eventually become subscribers.


There are a few tricks to use to grow on YouTube. The first is to pick a niche you are passionate about. Picking an area you’re excited about allows you to do the necessary work without feeling overwhelmed.

Another tip for growing on YouTube is to create a posting schedule to help you upload content consistently. Finally, benchmark with other creatives to improve quality and incorporate various marketing techniques to ensure your videos reach the target audience.

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