How To Add Channel Points to Twitch

How To Add Channel Points To Twitch

When you are on Twitch, you can engage with your followers differently. The common option is to use Twitch channel points.

Everyone loves getting perks, and when you are a Twitch streamer, creating room for your followers to earn perks will create more engagement and bring people to remain active with your streams.

If you wish to know more about how to add channel points to Twitch, this post got you covered.

Quick Answer

Channels points are perks created by the streamer and can be collected by the followers at different instances. The viewer/follower can redeem the points for exclusive rewards on your channel. Open your Twitch account and access the “Creator Dashboard” to add channel points. Click the “Stream Manager” option and turn on the option for “Enable Chanel Points.” Click the “Manage Rewards” option and select the channel points you wish to add. You can also add custom channel points.

This post begins with introducing channel points on Twitch. We will understand what they are and why you need them. Next, we will detail the steps to add channel points on Twitch, including creating custom channel points.

What Are Channel Points on Twitch?

As a streamer on Twitch, you can enhance engagement among your viewers by offering them a chance to collect different points. These points are collected based on viewers’ engagement with your Twitch channel. The channel points are a way for Twitch to reward people for their time on the platform.

The channel owner creates the channel points based on their terms. Viewers can collect the points and redeem them later for different benefits when they meet the required threshold. Channel points don’t have a lifetime, and you can keep adding them to your account, provided you keep visiting the channel.

When you have channel points for your channel, you will attract more engagement as people attempt to collect more points. They do so by interacting with your channel more.

How To Add Channels Points on Twitch

As a Twitch streamer, you can easily add points to your channel to reward the viewers or followers. Here, we cover the steps when using the Twitch mobile app.

  1. Open your Twitch app and log in.
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top.
  3. From the drop-down menu, tap the “Creator Dashboard” option.
  4. Next, tap the horizontal lines at the top left corner.
  5. Select the “Stream Manager” option in the next window.
  6. Navigate to the “Community” section and then the “Channels Points” section.
  7. Locate the “Enable Channel Points” option and turn on its switch.
  8. You can optionally customize the points display by tapping the “Edit” button.
  9. Locate and tap the “Manage Rewards” option.
  10. Once you’ve expanded the menu, define the cost for different channel points, then select which rewards to enable.

Suppose the listed rewards don’t meet your preference, then you have room to create custom rewards. For that, tap the “Add Custom Rewards” option at the bottom. From there, customize the reward as follows.

  1. Start by adding the “Reward Name.”
  2. Add a description for your reward to help viewers easily identify what the reward is about.
  3. Set the cost for the particular reward.
  4. Set the “Reward Icon” using the different options available.
  5. Preview the reward tile and complete the process by tapping the “Create” button at the bottom.

That’s it. You now have channel points set up for your Twitch channel. Your followers can collect them at different instances.

However, you should note that you can only add channel points to your Twitch channel after joining the Twitch affiliate program.

How To Redeem Rewards Using Channel Points as a Viewer

When you collect channel points on Twitch, you can redeem rewards for using the channel points. Do the following to check out the channel points when you access your favorite streamer’s channel.

  1. Open Twitch and access the target channel where you want to use the channel points.
  2. Click “Channel Point” at the bottom of the chat window.
  3. Check the available rewards that you can redeem.
  4. Once you find your preferred reward, click the reward icon.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem the reward.
  6. Complete the action by tapping the “Unlock” button.

Once the reward is redeemed, various channel points required to unlock it will be automatically deducted from your account.


Adding channel points is done by the streamer from their creator dashboard. We’ve defined channel points and given the steps to add and redeem channel points on Twitch.

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