How To Use Clownfish Soundboard on Discord

How To Use Clownfish Soundboard On Discord

Discord is all about having fun, and playing with your voice enhances the fun.

When using Discord, there is no need to use your actual voice when you don’t want to.

The availability of sound-changing software like Clownfish Soundboard can make you sound like an alien or any voice you wish.

So how do you use Clownfish Soundboard on Discord?

Quick Answer

You can use the Clownfish soundboard on Discord, provided you have installed it. Once installed, change your voice on Discord by tapping the Clownfish shortcut on the desktop to open it. Right-click on its icon and click “Set Voice Changer”. You can choose the voice you want from the given options and save the changes.

Clownfish Dashboard is a suitable application for modifying your voice on Discord when you don’t want to use your actual voice. If you have never tried the software, this guide has explained its features and how to install and use it on Discord to change your voice.

What is Clownfish Soundboard?

Clownfish Soundboard is a famous sound changer software many people have used to modify their voices.

The software allows you to create a new voice for yourself, meaning even if you find yourself with familiar people on a channel, they won’t recognize you.

Clownfish Soundboard is mic sensitive allowing you to set your microphone at an instant that suits you. Also, simple sound effects with the software can make your experience the best compared to other software.

The software is suitable for popular gaming applications like Discord, Zoom, and Skype, and it has been embraced by many gamers who wish to have fun while being creative.

So why is Clownfish soundboard a famous voice-changing software for Discord?

  • Clownfish Soundboard is free to download, install and use.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers real-time services.
  • It offers over 20 voice filters you can choose from.

If you want to extend your voice, you can exploit the four types of sound effects that Clownfish provides.

How To Install Clownfish Soundboard on Discord

When you want to use Clownfish Soundboard to modify your voice, you must install it on your computer.

The good news is that the application is free to download, and you can install it, as shown below.

  1. Visit the official Clownfish website to download the software.
  2. Tap on “Download” and choose the suitable Clownfish version.
  3. Go to where the Clownfish file is downloaded, and tap on it.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete installing the software.

How To Use Clownfish Soundboard on Discord

Now that Clownfish Soundboard is installed on your computer, it is easy to change your Discord voice. Also, the application can be used on other voice-calling applications like Zoom or Skype.

  1. Open Discord on a computer.
  2. Open Clownfish Soundboard by double-clicking on its shortcut icon on the desktop.
  3. Locate the Clownfish icon in the toolbar.
  4. Right-click on the icon to open voice changing menu.
  5. Choose the “Set Voice Changer” option.
  6. A list of sounds will display on your screen. Click any sound to select the voice you want to set for Discord.
  7. Tap the “Custom Pitch” option to adjust the voice.

You are free to speak with your Discord friends using your new set voice after you complete the steps in this section.


Clownfish Soundboard is suitable software for modifying your voice on Discord or Zoom.

Also, the software enables you to stay anonymous when you don’t want people to recognize you on social media platforms.

If you are unsure how to start using Clownfish Soundboard on Discord, this guide has explained the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Clownfish soundboard on Discord?

Clownfish Soundboard is suitable for voice-changing applications like Discord, Zoom, and Skype. Because Clownfish Soundboard is compatible with Discord, you can use it to apply over twenty voice filters offered by the app.

How do I use the Clownfish soundboard on Discord?

You must have it installed when you want to use Clownfish Soundboard on Discord. Once you have installed it, tap on the shortcut on the desktop and right-click on the icon after it opens up. Go to “Set voice changer”, choose a suitable voice, and test if it suits you.

Why is the Clownfish soundboard not working on Discord?

Clownfish Soundboard may fail to work on Discord if you use an unsupported operating system. You must ensure your operating system supports the software and is installed correctly on your computer. Also, Clownfish Soundboard will not display an open menu, but you can right-click it from the taskbar.

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