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How To Go Viral on Instagram

How To Go Viral On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, with notable active users. Unsurprisingly, many accounts go viral on Instagram with such a large user base. But how does this happen? This question is among the most asked on search engines, as many users want to know how to go viral on Instagram.

Quick Answer

Going viral on Instagram is not a day job; it is possible with some tricks and consistency. You can go viral by posting photos, videos, reels, IGTV, and many more. You go viral when you create any of the listed posts that are unique, original, and fun. But since there are no laid-out rules on how to go viral, users often think it is impossible, but that is not true.

Instagram is an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family. It helps you share your life with others and post pictures you want to remember for years. The app has changed the world of social media by making it easier for people with little-to-no followers to go viral. But not everyone can go viral on Instagram, which is why we created this article.

This article will explore what it takes for an account to go viral on Instagram. Also, we will provide you with some tips so that you can have your account go viral too!

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Go Viral on Instagram

Children nowadays prefer to be Instagram influencers to an astronaut or doctors. As a result, it’s not shocking that you aim to reach more users on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. You can get noticed in many ways, but sometimes you need a large sum of money, a network, or both. It is not valid for all cases since you may also capitalize on a trend and gain from its rising popularity.

Every social network has its algorithm, so post layout varies between platforms. Yet, there is always a basic idea or content you post that does better on some media than others. You know Instagram’s main aim was picture editing since it began with images. More precisely, an Instagram post goes viral when you post engaging videos and photos.

Before you know how to go viral, know what indicators Instagram uses to give a post more reach and make it viral. Instagram gives out the information sparsely, but you can guess what it wants via tests. A real sense is that the more users engage, the more your post can go viral.

Since the Instagram feed is no longer chronological, only a small circle of your followers see a new post. Suppose these followers spend a lot of time with the post, like it, comment on it or share it with friends. In that case, it will also be played out to the rest of the followers. And once a particular post gathers up to 100,000 engagements, it goes viral.

The number of clicks to go viral seems surreal, but you can gather it from likes, comments, views, shares, and saves. So the next question on your mind will be, how can I get 100,000 engagements to go viral? Once you follow the steps below, it’ll become a reality.

Step #1: Select an Instagram Niche

One of the ways you can gain followers and go viral on Instagram is by finding a category or niche within Instagram. Doing this helps you focus on a specific set of users and post about what these users want regularly. Instagram’s algorithm gathers similar content for users using machine learning technology.

Most times, the content it gathers is based on your prior likes, clicks, and comments. As a result, this content will appear to an audience that has once shown interest in that topic. When users in that niche see a post of interest, it is simple to like, comment, or share it with others. Hence, you must select a topic or niche to catch a specific profile’s attention.

So if you ever have it on your mind that you want to go viral, select a specific Instagram niche. After that, you can grow your audience from the said category by posting what your followers want to see.

Step #2: Create and Post Unique and Creative Content

Another thing that helps people interact with the content you put out is when such content is unique. Although you may have been familiar with this idea, we must still remind you. It is common sense to know that users won’t interact with what such a user has seen earlier.

But you must associate with a niche and understand your audience to achieve this. When you make a post with a clear point of view, your content can go viral. You can get this unique and creative content from photos and videos by posting reels or on IGTV. You will be surprised by how viral your post and account will go once you’re creative.

Step #3: Use Relevant Hashtags To Promote Your Content

It is best to keep in mind that hashtags are a vital part of any form of Instagram post. So, to go viral, you need to include it in your photo and video posts. This is because hashtags can assist the Instagram algorithm in knowing the type of content in a post so that it can show it to users who may be interested.

Remember that we discussed how niche might help you target a specific group of users? Well, hashtags from your niche perfect that. This is why you must select your hashtags wisely.

The most popular is not always the best since such ones face more competition. As a result, you must choose those with fewer competitors from your niche. It helps you stand out and get to the explore page, where you will gather many interactions.

Step #4: Analyze Your Competitor’s Page

A vital way to go viral is to check pages that have done that and learn from what such pages do to achieve that. This does not imply you copy your competitor’s idea. Recall we mentioned that you need to create unique content to go viral. So you can get borrow ideas from successful pages to coin a unique and creative concept.

Here you can learn about the trends from your niche and create your content. You can also check the hashtags that have proven to be a success. Even the time such a page post is something to note as well as how often the post comes.

You can use tools to do the analysis or go about it manually. But we recommend you do it manually as this may give you content ideas. You can even use analytics tools to make settings according to your page audience.

Step #5: Get in the Instagram Trends

When you stay updated without falling behind, you will join trends! Include trendy things in your post to boost the likelihood of your content going viral. These might be audio or popular challenges, but you must be aware of the current trends in your niche. You may learn about the latest trends by analyzing your rivals’ pages.


As discussed earlier, you need to be consistent with all the tricks. Also, the best part is you can go viral with any type of post. And once you are consistent with it, users want to get more from you, which also makes your account go viral. You’re a step away from blowing your account if you do what we explained in this article.

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