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How To Get the Snapchat Streak Back?

How To Get The Snapchat Streak Back

Losing Snapchat Streak can be difficult to handle, especially when you have put so much effort and time into it.  If your Snapchat Streak has recently disappeared because of server outages or other issues, this guide will help you get it back.

But how do you get the Snapchat streak back?

Quick Answer

The only way to get your Snapchat streak back is to contact Snapchat support. Choose the “Snapstreaks” option, and fill out the form under the “I lost my Snapstreak” section. If you are lucky, your streak will be recovered.

Snapchat streak is a serious thing among Snapchat users. This feature is designed to keep the user interested in the platform. It’s like their daily goal; a sense of achievement.

Find out how you can revive your Snaptreak quickly if you have lost it. But before we move forward, let’s take a closer look at Snapchat Streak.

What Is a Snapchat Streak?

Snapstreaks shows regular interaction with a user. A streak starts when you and other users exchange snaps every 24 hours for three days in a row. To be clear, text chat won’t be considered in your streak— only photo and video. 

When the streak begins, a fire icon next to the user name will appear on the chat screen. A number will be added each day next to the fire emoji when you continue sending Snaps— that’s a Snapstreak.

In a Snapstreak, you must remember to send Snaps every day, or they will disappear. To prevent this, Snapchat does remind you by displaying an hourglass symbol in the chat.

If for some reason, you fail to share Snaps with the Snapchat user within a 24-hour window, you will lose the Snapstreak. Read on, and you’ll discover how to revive Snapchat Streak.


A Snapchat Streak or Snapstreak is the number of consequent days you and your friend have been sending snaps. The more days you send snaps, the longer the Snapstreak will be.

Get the Snapstreak Back in 8 Easy Steps

Here are the eight easy steps to restore Snapchat Streak:

  1. Open Snapchat on a mobile device.
  2. Tap your Bitmoji in the top left corner.
  3. Tap on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner to enter settings.
  4. Scroll down, and under “Support,” select “I need Help.” A Snapchat support page will pop up in the new window.
  5. Select “Snapstreaks” to proceed with the process.
  6. Find the “I lost my Streak” section and tap on the “let us know” link.
  7. Select “I lost my Snapstreak” under the “Contact Us” section.
  8. You have to fill out a form with your personal details. Then Tap “Send” to submit the request.

You can enter the username of only one friend when making the request. You must submit separate requests to Snapchat if you lose a Snapstreak with different users.


We have all been there and lost a Snapstreak because we were offline for a day, or we just simply forgot. It is frustrating, but don’t worry; there is a way to recover the streak.

Follow the steps in this article and get your Snapstreak back in no time. Happy Snapping!


What are the rules of Snapchat streaks?

– Daily snaps are required. Without snaps, your streak will end.

– It’s used between two people. Snaps must be sent within 24 hours. Otherwise, the streak is lost.

– To start the streak, you and your friend must send snaps back and forth for three days straight.

– Messages and stories will not all count as streaks. Video and photo snaps will all contribute.

Does Snapchat support help me recover my Snapstreak?

It all depends on what caused your Snapstreak to be lost and whether your claim is valid or not. However, many users have been able to restore their Snapstreak by following the steps above. You’ll likely get your Snapstreak back if you unjustly lose it.

Does the Snapchat hourglass emoji last forever?

Keeping a Snapstreak alive on Snapchat requires you to share Snaps every 24 hours. When an hourglass emoji is next to a friend’s name, you have four hours to send Snaps to continue the streak.

The hourglass will disappear along with the fire emoji if you do not share a Snap within four hours window, and the streak will be over. To restore your Snapchat streak, follow this tutorial.

Do I need to tell Snapchat that I saw the hourglass timer?

As a general rule, it’s better to answer this question honestly. For example, if you see the hourglass icon and can’t respond because of a problem with the app or because you don’t have a cellphone network, let Snapchat know.

What is the average time it takes to restore a Snapstreak?

Snapstreaks are usually restored within 24 hours of a request being submitted to the Snapchat team. You could restore it easily if your Snapstreak ended due to a server outage or technical difficulty.

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