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Find Out Who Owns a Facebook Page?

Find Out Who Owns A Facebook Page

If a Facebook page wows you with its content and you want to know more about the brain behind it, then let us help you here. In this article, we precisely tell you ways you can trace a Facebook page owner through hints here and there on that page.

Now, this is not going to be an easy journey, it requires you to follow some cyber trails, but in the end, you might be able to figure out something about a particular Facebook page’s owner.

Quick Answer

If you are among such people who have been loyal followers of a Facebook page and want to know the person behind it, then you can look for cues about the identity of a page owner in the “About” section of the page.

Similarly, the page transparency section might also give you a few cues. Lastly, if your favorite page also has an official group, you can check the Group’s Admin to trace back to the page’s owner.

So, please keep reading to understand it more.

Why Figure Out the Facebook Page’s Owner?

As our social and professional lives have become so dependent on social media, learning everything about them has become indispensable.

People are curious and want to learn more about every social media platform to stand out, better connect, and protect themselves from malicious activities and cybercrimes. 

Facebook is a social media platform continually evolving and adding features to enhance users’ experiences. Its astronomical number of active members is a true testament to its power.

Facebook has become a powerful tool for marketers to create brand awareness and generate leads

Your first aim is to drive more people to your Facebook page as soon as you create it. You want people to associate themselves with your brand, love it, and talk about it to others.

When people become deeply involved with your page, they naturally want to know more about the brain behind it.

I, for once, have connected with various Facebook page owners on LinkedIn because I have enjoyed their content.

Besides curiosity, there can be other reasons people would want to know about the page owner on Facebook.

Sometimes, you feel their vision resonates with yours. Hence, you want to reach them to promote your business or collaborate with them on any business idea.  

Additionally, knowing the page owner can put your heart at ease if you want to detect the credibility of any brand or business. You know in case of any bad experience you can always reach the owner to complain.

Different Roles on a Facebook Page

Facebook page can have many roles; remember that these roles do not have to be associated with the owner:

  • Admins are the ones who manage content, page roles, and settings.
  • Editors can do everything as admins except manage page roles and settings.
  • Moderators have more customers services role as they can answer questions and respond to comments.
  • Advertisers run Facebook Ads for your business.
  • Analysts can only see your Facebook page Insights, quality tabs, and who published on the page.

Not always the page admin is the page owner. When you create a Facebook page, you automatically become its owner. You can now assign other admins to run the page — assign roles and manage settings for your page.  

How To Trace a Facebook Page Owner?

There are several ways you can track the Facebook page owner; let’s talk about them one by one.

Method #1: Tracing Owner in the About Section

Tracing Owner In The About Section

It is the first and most organic method. The “About” section gives away a lot of hints about the owner; you have to put the pieces together to view the clear picture.

The “About” section contains details about the business. You will find the business’s email address, website, contact number, and description.

Sometimes it even has the name of the founder/owner of the business who runs the page with the introduction of their business. If you find their names, it is easy to locate them anywhere in this world of social media.

If you do not find their names explicitly written, check out the email addresses. If they have used their personal email addresses, it is easy to locate them with their names.

If it’s a business email address, it might not be easy to trace out the coveted page owner. Your last resort would be to email them and cross your fingers! 

They may reply to you and disclose their identity.

You can also go to the website if the website link is given in the About section of the page. The information about the owner is more likely to be there. 

After tracing them, you can connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

Some people even link their other social media accounts with their pages like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can trace the owner via such linked accounts as well.

Words of Advice

To make your business or personal brand page look more credible, it is a good idea for the page admin/owner to add as much information about yourself on your page. People will trust those pages more where they can find the page admin/owner elsewhere on LinkedIn, Twitter, and the website.

Method #2: Facebook Page Transparency Tool To Trace the Owner

Facebook Page Transparency Tool To Trace The Owner

Facebook page transparency tool provides basic information about the page. This tool helps a user to determine the information like:

  • When did the owner create the page?
  • How many times has it been renamed, and what are its previous names?
  • Whether it runs ads?
  • How many admins run the page?

The most significant thing this feature tells you is information about the people who manage the page. It does not give the names; it tells all the country locations of people who run a particular page.

You can access the “Page transparency” section on the homepage of any Facebook page on a desktop. Scroll down the page to locate the “Page transparency” section, and click “See all.” This feature is significant as it can help you spot fake pages.

For some pages, you might also see the name of the organization that runs the page in the “Page transparency” section.

It is only possible if the page has completed the Facebook business verification process through the Business Manager feature.

All this information talks a lot about the page’s credibility and can provide some cues in our quest to find the owner of the page. 

Method #3: Check Out Their Groups

Check Out Their Groups

Generally, most businesses have official groups to connect with their customers in a more personalized manner. You can check their group and look for admin information in the group.

Click on the “Groups” tab on the page. Join the group and go to the “Members” section. In this section, you will see the “Admins & moderators” section, which can help you ascertain the page’s admin/most likely page owner.

The Wrap-up

So, we tried to figure out who owns a Facebook page.

We know it is not simple, so we explained all the clues you can gather from a particular Facebook page from the “About” section, “Page transparency” section, and its official group.

You have to put all the pieces together to determine the brain behind your favorite Facebook page.

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