How To Get More Views on YouTube

How To Get More Views On Youtube

Views on YouTube are crucial, and any YouTuber is on the quest to get more views on their videos. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what it takes to get more YouTube views.

While some have mastered the trick, others still struggle with getting a substantial number of views. Luckily, this post discusses what it takes to get more views on YouTube.

Quick Answer

First, understand your target audience – know what they want from your channel and offer it. Perform keyword research to target searchable content and ensure it meets expectations. Create quality content and use catchy titles to make viewers click on the video. Moreover, use thumbnails that speak for the video. After uploading a video, promote it on your social networks and engage with your YouTube community through comments, etc.

Getting more YouTube views depends on what strategy you use. This post elaborates on the various actions you should take to increase your YouTube views. Let’s begin!

How To Get More Views on YouTube

Anyone can create a YouTube channel, but getting the channel to gain more views and eventually turn the views into revenue is not easy.

How do YouTubers get millions of views for their videos while others struggle with reaching a thousand views? The trick lies in the strategy the YouTuber utilizes. Here are the seven working ways to get more views on YouTube.

Understand Your Audience

Unfortunately, many people rush to create a YouTube channel without first understanding what their target audience is and what niche they should focus on.

To get more views on YouTube, you must understand the niche you want to be known for and the target audience.

Research on what other channels are doing in the particular niche. Moreover, understand your target audience and their expectations from your channel.

Once you do, you will create engaging content, and your target audience will comfortably consume it, raking in more YouTube views.

Keyword Research

After understanding your niche and the target audience, you must perform keyword research.

The goal is to identify the keywords users seek and what topics are trending. That way, you can tune your content to be more visible by ensuring you optimize it.

Keyword research helps in ensuring your content is searchable and visible. You don’t want to create videos that users are not searching for.

You might have a great video that is not optimized. Consequently, it won’t be visible as no one searches for that content.

Use Catchy Titles

What titles do you use for your videos? You can’t use “tired” or “bored” titles and expect random viewers to open your video.

When uploading a YouTube video, ensure you utilize catchy titles such that when someone sees your video, even before they can consume the content, the title will lure them to click on it.

The title should grab the viewer’s attention to make them click on the video.

Create Thumbnails

Ensure you add a thumbnail to accompany every video you upload. The thumbnail should be creative and highlight what the video is about.

That way, by combining a creative thumbnail and a catchy title, you are sure your chances of someone randomly clicking on the video out of curiosity are high.

Promote Your Videos on Social Networks

Once you upload a YouTube video, share it on your social networks for the world to see. Your followers on your social networks will likely click on the shared link to consume the content.

Engage With Your Audience

How you engage with your audience matters. Be sure to respond to comments and interact with them by liking their comment, pinning a comment, answering questions, etc.

That way, you will get more engagement, and people will associate with your channel.

Be Unique and Create Quality Content

Create quality content. The quality should be reflected in the video, audio, and content. Take time to find your space, then maximize it to avoid sounding cliché. Quality and unique content will attract more viewers and easily go viral.


To get more views on YouTube, follow the 7 tips this post covers. The process is gradual, and once you follow them, you will soon start seeing more views for your YouTube videos.

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