How To Unblock YouTube

How To Unblock Youtube

Are you having trouble with YouTube being blocked? Are you trying to access YouTube content but to no avail? There are different instances and reasons why YouTube may be blocked, hindering you from accessing videos.

When such a case occurs, you can use various options to unblock YouTube, and we will discuss them in this post.

Quick Answer

The first way of unblocking YouTube is to use a VPN or proxy server. They will mask your location, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions hindering you from accessing YouTube. Moreover, using a Tor browser that lets you anonymize yourself and access blocked YouTube videos. You can also utilize a browser extension that lets you unblock YouTube. Further, consider using your mobile hotspot to access YouTube.

We will cover why YouTube can sometimes appear blocked and what causes this. Moreover, we will detail the various options you can utilize to unblock YouTube. Let’s begin!

Why Is YouTube Blocked?

It’s frustrating whenever you try to access a YouTube video only to realize that it has been blocked. It could be a particular video is blocked, or YouTube’s access is entirely blocked, and you cannot enjoy YouTube videos.

Here are the different reasons why YouTube videos are blocked.

Regional Restriction

As a content creator, it’s possible to restrict viewership. It could be the video you are trying to access has a regional restriction. Maybe you are in a region where the content creator has chosen to restrict viewership.

YouTube allows creators to specify who should access their videos, and if you fall into the restricted region, you can’t access the video.

Network-Level Restriction

When you are connected to a network, such as your school’s network, you may notice that YouTube may be blocked. That’s a case of a network-level block on YouTube.

Some institutions do so to restrict students from accessing YouTube when connected to the school or organizational network.

Inappropriate Content

When YouTube detects a particular video has sensitive content, it will start by blocking it from getting viewed. Next, it will likely remove the video from YouTube. All videos must adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines.

National Censorship

Unfortunately, some countries have banned YouTube. If you are in a place like UAE, China, etc., you can’t access YouTube due to the national censorship enforced by the country.

Each nation has its reasons for blocking YouTube, and if you find yourself in such a country, we will see how to unblock YouTube.

How To Unblock YouTube

So far, we’ve discussed why YouTube is blocked. Having understood so, we then must discuss the various options you can utilize to unblock YouTube to ensure uninterrupted viewing.

Use a VPN

When connecting to the internet, you can use a VPN to help tunnel your traffic and mask your location.

A VPN is handy in helping bypass regional or national YouTube censorship by letting you change your IP to appear like you are connecting to YouTube from another area. That way, your device will successfully connect to YouTube.

Use Tor Browser

A browser like Tor is designed to offer anonymity. Thus, you can use it to access YouTube, which will unblock any restrictions.

Use YouTube Unblocker Browser Extension

You can search for the YouTube unblocker browser extension, add it to your browser, and enable it whenever you want to access the YouTube website. The extension will handle the work for you and guarantee safe access to YouTube.

Use Mobile Hotspot

A quick way to bypass network-level block is to connect to your mobile hotspot instead of your institution’s Wi-Fi. So, turn on the mobile hotspot and connect to it when you want to unblock YouTube at school or on your organization’s premises.

Connect to a Proxy Server

If you can’t access a reliable VPN, you can find and connect to a proxy server. It will help mask your IP to ensure you safely access the internet and unblock any restrictions hindering you from enjoying YouTube.

Find a good proxy server provider and securely connect to the internet.


This post has explained various instances that could cause YouTube to be blocked. Further, we’ve explained the various options to unblock YouTube. Try them out.

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