How To Get Italy Number for WhatsApp

How To Get Italy Number For Whatsapp

When you want to use the +39 code as your WhatsApp number, there are different solutions you can try to achieve this.

Getting an Italy number for WhatsApp could be a fancy way of tricking your friends into believing you are an Italian person texting them.

Still, it could be one way of confusing people in a WhatsApp group you join.

Everyone has their reason for wanting to use an Italian number for WhatsApp.

But how to get one?

Quick Answer

To get an Italy number, find a reliable virtual phone number provider and purchase the virtual Italy phone number. Once you have an Italy number, uninstall WhatsApp and install it again. During the registration, use the Italy virtual number that you generated. Depending on the provider, you will get the verification code sent to the virtual Italy number. Once you enter it on WhatsApp, you will get an Italy number for WhatsApp.

We will understand why you may need to use WhatsApp’s Italy number. Moreover, we will give the steps to follow when you want to use an Italy number to register for WhatsApp.

Why Use Italy Number for WhatsApp?

Getting a virtual number to use for your WhatsApp has its benefits.

A virtual number is a valid phone number you can access from a virtual phone number provider, and it won’t have your details.

You can then use the virtual phone number for your activities, such as registering for WhatsApp.

When you want to get an Italy number without traveling or being a citizen of Italy, using a virtual phone number with Italy’s code is your best chance.

So, why use an Italy number or WhatsApp?

Reason #1: Prank Friends

When you want to play games with your friends where you want to trick them into believing you are an Italy citizen texting them, having an Italy number for WhatsApp is handy.

When you text them on WhatsApp, and your WhatsApp number has an Italy code, they can’t suspect you are pranking them.

Reason #2: Privacy Reasons

When registering for WhatsApp, your phone number is required.

For someone who doesn’t want to associate their phone number with WhatsApp, using a virtual number not tied to your identity is one way to enhance privacy.

Reason #3: Target Italy Clients

If you plan to extend your business in Italy, using an Italy number for WhatsApp will come in handy.

You are likely to pitch more clients when they trust you are an Italian, thanks to the Italy number you are using on WhatsApp.

You could have other reasons for wanting to use an Italy phone number, but all that will be useless if you don’t know how to get the Italy number. Read on to find out!

How To Use Italy Number for WhatsApp

When you want to use an Italy number, the first step is to find a virtual phone number provider that can help you get the virtual Italy number.

An online search will yield numerous providers that you can use.

Before settling on which provider to rely on, check their features and pricing and compare them with those of other providers.

 Italy Number For Whatsapp

The aim is to ensure you get the best deal. Some providers even offer a mobile application you can install and use to generate the Italy number.


The Italy country code is “+39,” and the virtual number you generate must include this country code.

Once you have the Italy number, reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, and during registration, use the Italy phone number you purchased to register for WhatsApp.

On the dashboard of the virtual phone number provider, get the WhatsApp verification code and enter it on your WhatsApp registration page.

Once verified, you can start using WhatsApp, and the people you message will notice you are using a WhatsApp number for your WhatsApp, hinting that you are an Italian citizen.


To get an Italy number, you must use a virtual number provider.

Once you generate the Italy number, use it to register for a new WhatsApp account and enter the verification code sent to the virtual number.

Once you’ve verified the number, you now have a WhatsApp that uses an Italy number.

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