How To Get Fake Invites on Discord

How To Get Fake Invites On Discord

When you have a Discord server, your ranking relies on different things, including your server’s invites.

Invites represent your server’s popularity and the number of people joining it.

Getting organic Discord invites is challenging and requires high engagement and popularity for your server.

However, it’s possible to get fake invites on Discord, provided you know how.

Quick Answer

Discord is against getting fake invites as that violates its terms of service. However, when you want to fake invites on Discord, your best option is to find a provider that sells Discord members. The fake members will use the Discord invite to join the server. That way, you will have fake invites as the members you buy will use your invite. Different platforms sell Discord membership. Thus, once you get the particular provider, you can comfortably get your fake invites on Discord.

In today’s article, we will cover how Discord fake invites work. We will discuss different sites where you can buy Discord members while understanding why people require these fake Discord invites. Let’s begin!

Can You Get Fake Invites on Discord?

Yes, you can. Discord allows anyone to create a Discord server and share its invitation link for people to join.

When many members join your Discord server, it becomes easy to create a community. Besides, you get various benefits when you have a large Discord server.

A Discord server can have hundreds of thousands of members; getting this large membership is not a walk in the park. For most people, having a shortcut to increase their membership is a welcome move.

An invite on Discord refers to someone joining your server using the invite link you created.

Thus, a fake invite is when you have fake members using the same invite link to join your server. The new membership gets counted as part of Discord server counts and is helpful with the server statistics.

The more invites a server has, the more popular it gets and the higher the chances of getting more members.

Someone with a high Discord invite count in a given server will likely get various special perks the server provides as a reward for bringing many people on the Discord server.

Does Discord Support Fake Invites?

No, it doesn’t! Discord has various terms of services that members should adhere to.

Among them is that you must not buy Discord members. Discord can limit the Discord server or your account when it finds out about your fake invites.

Such a case would harm your Discord server. Nonetheless, getting fake invites is a wise but successful way of growing your server’s membership. We will see how that works in detail.

How To Get Fake Invites on Discord

The idea behind getting fake invites is to add more people to a Discord server using your Discord invite link.

Hence, instead of searching for how to buy the Discord fake invites, you should focus on buying Discord server members.

The fake members will use your invite link. Thus, each member joining the server will count as an invite to your server. It’s possible to get fake Discord invites.

For that, you must find a platform selling Discord server members, buy your preferred members plan, and let the provider add the members to your server.

At long last, you will have boosted your Discord invite count tracked by the tracking bot. So, where do you get fake invites? Here are the best platforms to buy Discord server members.

  • PlayerUp – The platform focuses on giving a peer-to-peer transaction, and you are secure when buying your members. You will get real members joining the target Discord server using the provided invite link. Playerup
  • GetAFollower – The site gives you authentic members on your server. It has a simple design; you can get it done with a few clicks. Getafollower
  • HypeFreaks – The platform has a fast delivery. Moreover, the prices are lower, and you will get Discord invites. The tracking bot will count that. Hypefreaks


Getting fake invites on Discord is not allowed by Discord.

Nonetheless, we’ve discussed what fake invites on Discord mean and given a few platforms where you can get fake invites.

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