How To Get a Job on Discord Dank Memer Bot?

How To Get A Job On Discord Dank Memer Bot

Discord is a chat platform that allows users to add several bots for fun or to automate tasks.

One such Discord bot is Dank Memer, a unique but multipurpose bot created specifically with memes in mind.

What is more, you can get a job on Dank Memer. But that is after installing and using it on Discord.

So, how can you go about getting a job?

Quick Answer

To get a job on the Discord Dank Memer bot, you need to deploy the ‘work’ command. This includes applying, doing some work shifts, resigning, checking out other job types, etc. To apply for a job, run the ‘/work apply [job name]’ command.

This article will show you how anyone can get a job on Dank Memer. You will also learn a few essential things you need to know about Dank Memer.

What You Need To Know About Discord Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a unique, multipurpose Discord bot that was created particularly with memes in mind.

This bot was conceived and created by Melmsie#0001 as an exceptional way to learn JavaScript and as a programming project in late 2016.

The Discord Dank Memer robot was eventually listed publicly in January 2017. Since then, the Discord bot has accumulated an incredibly massive community with more than 8 million servers.

Up to 20 million users have also registered, making Dank Memer one of the most popular bots on Discord.

Dank Memer does everything the average multipurpose Discord bot does, only much better and with 100 percent more memes and sass.

It is an outstanding currency bot, meme bot, image manipulation bot, and more. Dank Memer has more than 250 commands, and they keep growing daily.

The Discord Dank Memer’s prefix is ‘/.’ This means all commands are run like /meme.

Why Was Dank Memer Created?

Dank Memer was created when there weren’t any decent Discord bots doing memey things. Melmsie#0001 formulated three commands: ‘!meme,’ ‘!cleverbot,’ and ‘!trigger.’ The bot was created to be funny and sassy from scratch; that was how Dank Memer was birthed. The bot was formerly known as Markos.

Applying for a Job in Dank Memer

There are 26 different jobs in Dank Memer that anyone can apply for. Each job has a different salary, different shift times, and shifts required per day.

You can apply for any job you’re interested in by running the /work apply [job name] command. To resign from a job in Dank Memer, run /work resign.

After applying for a specific job in Dank Memer, you need to ensure you have run the necessary amount of shifts per day.

You can get fired from your beloved job, which has a cooldown of up to 6 hours before you’re permitted to apply for another job in Dank Memer.

What You May Get Fired For

You can get fired from your job in Dank Memer if you fail to meet the required number of work hours. If you also fail more than three mini-games in a row within 24 hours or steal from another person in one day, you will be fired from your job in Dank Memer.

Getting a High-Tier Job on Discord Dank Memer

To secure higher-tier jobs on Dank Memer, you must have worked a specified number of hours before being allowed to unlock them.

As mentioned earlier, most jobs will fire you if you do not work the specified amount daily or fail the mini-games several times daily.

Therefore, bearing this in mind, you can get a job list on Discord Dank Memer by running the /work list command.

You will have hours per day (hr/pd). Each time you work is a Dank Memer hour.


Dank Memer is a multipurpose Discord bot created with memes in mind. It performs every function the average bot on Discord does, only much better. It was created as a programming project and a unique way to learn JavaScript.

You can apply for a job on Discord Dank Memer by running the specified commands. The only way to keep the job is by running the specified shifts per day and not failing three mini-games daily; otherwise, you will get fired.

You may have to wait for 6 hours before reapplying for another job.

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