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How Long Does It Take TikTok To Review a Video?

How Long Does It Take Tiktok To Review A Video

There are many content creators on TikTok, which ensures a new video for people to enjoy each second. As a content creator, there are a few regulations that you must follow before posting on TikTok, and TikTok takes measures to ensure you do so. One such measure is reviewing your content to ensure it is safe for consumption. Are you seeing the “Video Under Review” message limiting posting your video on TikTok?

Quick Answer

TikTok puts “videos under review” when it needs to ascertain that the video is safe for public consumption and doesn’t violate its community guidelines. Most influencers face this problem as their videos quickly reach many people, and TikTok has to ensure everything is in check. The review process should take anywhere from 2 to 48 hours; in extreme cases, some even a week.

This guide discusses what “video under review” means and how you can stay on the safe side of TikTok as a content creator. We will understand how long the review process takes and conclude by discussing questions raised by users regarding TikTok videos under review.

What Does “Video Under Review” Mean on TikTok?

TikTok videos are consumed even by young users below the adult age. In that case, TikTok has to enforce measures that protect its young users in line with the community and child guidelines. One way it achieves that is by providing guidelines that each content creator must adhere to before posting their content.

True to their word, TikTok takes time to verify that content creators follow the guidelines. When you see the “video under review” on your TikTok video, that’s a measure by TikTok to prevent uploading your video while they review it. Furthermore, your video can be placed under review even after posting it.

Besides, if TikTok finds your video violated its guidelines, it has the power to take down the video. TikTok uses an algorithm to review the videos, and the AI uses various metrics to check your video and decide whether it needs review or is fit to share with your audience.

How Long Does It Take TikTok To Review a Video?

There is no specific duration that a TikTok video review process takes. However, it depends on the content in your video. Some users have overcome the review process within 2 hours, others within 24 or 48 hours. In extreme cases, the review process can take a week.

While under review, if TikTok finds no harm in your content, they can reinstate the video and allow you to share it. However, if your video has violated the community guidelines, that’s bad news. The video will likely get removed from TikTok, and you risk your account getting banned.

The question you probably have right now is, “what are these guidelines that TikTok articulates?” TikTok checks the following metrics before putting your video under review.

Sexual Content

TikTok is against content creators sharing pornographic or adult sexual content. TikTok has many underage users, which will corrupt their minds when such videos reach them. Therefore, TikTok is strict on this, and if your video is found to contain any adult sexual content, that’s a guarantee that it will be put under review.

Violent Content

Violence and crime shouldn’t be promoted or displayed in your TikTok videos. The impact of violence is the trauma it poses to viewers, and TikTok has to protect its users, including what they expose themselves to when viewing videos.

Copyrighted Content

Some content creators steal the content of others. When TikTok’s algorithm detects you’ve violated the copyright of another content creator or someone reports you, they will put your video under review. In most cases, copyrighted content will automatically get taken down from TikTok.

Illegal Content

If your video has illegal content, such as spamming people and drug and substance abuse, TikTok will flag it for further review.


TikTok aims to ensure its platform is safe and conducive for all users. Therefore, it must enforce its community guidelines, and any account found to have violated the guidelines is held under review. Once reviewed, they can pull down the video or reinstate it.


Why Is TikTok Placing My Video Under Review?

TikTok uses an AI algorithm to check and flag videos that violate its community guidelines. Therefore, your video is under review because you probably violated TikTok’s guidelines.

How Long Will Take Review MY Video?

TikTok can review your account indefinitely. It all depends on what guidelines your video has violated. If the violated guidelines are plenty, you may never recover your video, which will get pulled down from TikTok. However, the review process can take 24 hours or less if your video is clean.

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