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How To Unmute Videos on Reddit App

How To Unmute Videos On Reddit App

Reddit is a large community. The app lets you share your opinions, images, videos, and much more.

However, users have complained about their videos turning mute in certain instances.

So, why does this happen? And is there a way to turn the volume on? Let’s find out!

Quick Answer

To unmute videos on the Reddit app, enable adult content first. This is because Reddit mutes all NSFW content by default. For this, open the desktop site, go to the feed settings, and turn on the adult content. Next, install the Apollo or Sync app. Sign in and play the video again. Tap on the speaker icon to play the sound.

However, playing adult content isn’t the only reason your Reddit videos are muted. Also, the apps Apollo and Sync are not compatible with all smartphones. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Three Reasons Why Reddit Videos Are Mute

Here are the three main reasons.

Reason #1: The Video Has No Audio File

There are videos without any sound as well.

You might take it as a glitch in the app, but the original video might have come without the sound.

To make sure, play some other videos or see if it is marked as NSFW.

Reason #2: The Sound Option Is Off

The Reddit app has an option to turn off the video’s sound.

So, if a standard video is playing without any sound, one simple reason for this can be a change in settings.

You simply need to turn the volume back, and the video will start playing with sound.

Reason #3. There Is Adult Content

Reddit flags certain content as Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

The NSFW videos include nudity, pornography, or any 18+ content.

Such videos are muted by default, and you need to go through several steps to unmute them.

Steps to Unmute Standard Videos on the Reddit App

Here’s how to unmute standard videos on Reddit.

Step #1: Log In to Your Reddit Account

If you have not downloaded the Reddit app yet, the first step will be to go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Install the Reddit app and launch it.

Open The Reddit App On Your Mobile Device.

Next, log in with your Reddit account and visit the homepage.

Step #2: Find and Play a Video

Find And Play A Video

Scroll through the home page and find a video to play. If there is no sound and the video is not marked as NSFW, chances are that the sound option is turned off.

Step #3: Locate the Speaker Icon

Locate The Speaker Icon

At the bottom right of the video is a speaker icon for volume. Find it and see if there is a cross sign with it. If yes, you are just a step away from listening to the video.

Step #4: Unmute the Video

Tap on the speaker icon, increase or decrease the volume, and start playing videos with sound!

Unmute The Video

Steps to Unmute NSFW Videos on Reddit App

Here’s how to unmute NSFW videos on the Reddit app.

Step #1: Log In to the Desktop Site

If you want to listen to adult content, you need to make a few changes from the desktop. Start with visiting the Reddit website and logging in to your account. 

Navigate To Reddit On Any Web Browser.

Step #2: Enable Adult Content

Once you have logged in to your account, click on the home option in the top bar. Next, click “User Settings” and open “Feed Settings.”

Enable Adult Content Reddit Pc

The first option in the feed settings will be adult content. Turn the toggle on, and the NSFW content will start appearing in your feed, as well as search results.

Step #3: Install the Apollo or Sync App

Now, leave the desktop. If you have an iPhone, go to the app store and install the Apollo app.

And if you are an Android owner, go to the Play Store and download the Sync app.

Step #4: Sign In With Your Reddit Account

Launch the Apollo or Sync app and sign in with your Reddit account. Now, scroll through the Reddit content from these apps.

Step #5: Tap on the Sound Icon and Listen!

Lastly, go to the video you wanted to listen to and tap on the sound icon. The app will turn on the volume. Enjoy the sound!

NSFW Videos Will Always Start Muted

Even if you are viewing Reddit from Appollo or Sync app, the NSFW videos will start with no sound. To unmute them, you will have to tap on the speaker icon every time. The videos are muted by default to save you from embarrassing yourself in public gatherings.

What are Apollo and Sync Apps?

The Apollo and Sync apps are Reddit viewer apps for iOS and Androids. They not only allow the users to unmute NSFW videos, but they also offer a ton of other features.

Some of the best features users can enjoy on these apps are:

  • Customizable gestures.
  • Advanced security measures.
  • Fast-loading pages.
  • Simpler User Interface.
  • Affordability.


Reddit videos are muted for several reasons.

Thus, before trying to unmute a video, discover why the video was muted in the first place.

This guide shares all the reasons and resolving measures.

Read it thoroughly, and you are all good to start listening to everything (good or bad) on Reddit!

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