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How To Embed Images on Reddit?

How To Embed Images On Reddit

As a Reddit user, you are done writing an excellent text that you want to upload onto the platform.

Yet, you still feel something is missing, a picture, right? Yes, an image.

But how can you embed images into your texts on the platform?

Well, help is here. We will show you how to embed images on Reddit, be it on a desktop or mobile version.

Quick Answer

Write your post, and tap the gallery icon on the Fancy Pants Editor’s toolbar. Finally, choose the image from your disk and publish the post. You can opt for the “Image” post type on mobile devices and add relevant text after inserting the photo(s).

There you have it, how to embed images on Reddit. However, trust that we will not just leave it at that. In the coming paragraphs, we will take you along on a step-by-step process to accomplish what you desire to perform on Reddit. Let’s get to it!

Embedding Images on Reddit

There are more than benefits as to why people get on Reddit. A few reasons are to learn something new, to aid the research, and sometimes decision making.

In doing these, a picture they say speaks a thousand words will go a long way. So therefore, we are going to show you how to embed images on Reddit for web and mobile below.

Method #1: Use the “Post” Type on the Desktop Version

Given that you are working on a desktop all you need do is follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Reddit on your favorite browser.Open Reddit On Browser
  2. Click on the “Create Post” button on the right.Click On The Create Post
  3. Click “Choose a community” and select a subreddit you wish to upload to.Click On Choose A Community
  4. Insert a title to describe the post.Insert A Title
  5. Write the text you want in the body section.Write The Text You Want
  6. Tap the gallery icon on the editor’s toolbar.Tap The Gallery Icon
  7. Select an image from your disk. You can choose multiple photos.Select An Image
  8. Click on the “Post” button at the bottom.Click On The Post Button

Make sure you are using the Fancy Pants Editor. If you are in the Markdown Mode, click the “Switch to Fancy Pants Editor” button.

Method #2: Use the “Image” Type on the Mobile App

Unfortunately, Reddit does not allow embedding images on text posts using the mobile app, meaning you cannot precisely control where the images appear in your post.

However, you can use the “Image” post type and add relevant text after inserting the image(s).

Follow these steps to embed a picture on the Reddit mobile app:

  1. Launch the Reddit app on your mobile device.Launch The Reddit App
  2. Tap the “Create” button at the bottom.Tap The + Create Button
  3. Add a title that describes your post.Add A Title
  4. Tap on the image icon at the bottom.Tap On The Image Option
  5. Select the photo(s) from your device.Select The Photo
  6. Tap “Add” in the top right corner.Tap Add
  7. Edit the image if you want, and tap “Next” in the top right corner.Tap On Next
  8. Write the body text if you wish.Write The Body Text
  9. Tap “Next” in the top right corner.Tap Next In The Top Right Corner
  10. Choose the community.Choose The Community
  11. Tap “Post” in the top right corner.Tap Post

So, after you have duly followed any of the methods above, your post will be available to millions of Reddit users.

More on Reddit

With 62% of its users visiting the site to read news, Reddit is one of the most powerful online platforms for collecting information.

Considering this and the fact that more than 80 billion pages are viewed on the website annually, Reddit has been ranked 8th among the most popular websites in the world.


Finally, guys, that’s how you can embed images on Reddit. We have shown you a step-by-step process in which you can achieve that.

However, for a quick recap, we shall briefly summarize how you can embed images on Reddit both on mobile and the web.

Initiate the app or website, locate the create post button, select the community you wish to post in, select the “Image” post type on the mobile app, and “Post” on the desktop version.

Finally, upload images, compose the post, and hit the “Post” button.


How long do images stay on Reddit?

Images uploaded to Reddit can stay there forever as long as the poster, the moderators, or the admin choose not to remove them. 

Can you post on Reddit without the app?

Yes, you can post on your Reddit account without the app. All you need to do is log on to the website with your sign-in details, click the “Create Post” button, and post as you wish.

Why do Reddit posts get removed?

For each subreddit, there exists a set of rules for each community. These rules can be found on the right sidebar of the community. You need to curate and interact with content by following these rules. Otherwise, you run a risk of your post getting removed.

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