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How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram

How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with a cumulative download of over 3 billion. It’s a social platform with almost a 100% guarantee that you’ll find your family, friends, and acquaintances if you know how to look. A key feature of the app is incorporating your email and phone number when signing up, making it relatively easy for your friends to find you.

Quick Answer

There’s no direct way to extract a phone number from Instagram as the platform is keen on keeping such information private. However, you can extract a phone number from the “Discover People” and “Follow & Invite Friend” options on Instagram if you already have the contact of that person lost somewhere in your phonebook.

However, if the person’s phone number is not on your contact list, it’s impossible to get the person’s number unless stated on their bio or given to you in private. You can visit websites to extract a person’s number, but those are illegal and could be considered a crime in some states.

This article will go over these methods to get a person’s number from Instagram.

How To Get a Person’s Phone Number From the “Discover People” Option on Instagram

Instagram does not directly reveal its users’ numbers to others because it will violate their confidentiality agreement. However, if you are observant enough, you can get a user’s contact from the option that says “Discover People.” This option is beneficial for people you didn’t know but still had their contact somewhere in your phonebook.

It’ll be useful in rediscovering long-lost friends and reconnecting with your childhood acquaintances or relatives. The following are steps to get a number from the “Discover People” option on Instagram.

Step #1: Launch Your Instagram Application

Instagram is best used on your mobile device, either on Android or iOS. You shouldn’t use your PC for this, as you’ll be required to connect with your contact list, which will be on your mobile device. Launch the app by tapping the Instagram icon to open your Instagram feed.

Instagram App Mobile

Instagram keeps you logged in unless you log out after every session. If you’ve logged out before, provide your email and password in the necessary boxes and log in.

Step #2: Go to Your Profile Page

You’ll see a navigation bar at the bottom of your Instagram feed with a human icon to the far right of the bar. Tap on this icon to go to your profile page.

Your Profile Page

Step #3: Click on “Discover People”

On your profile, next to the “Edit profile” button, you’ll see the “Discover people” option. Tap on it on click “See All.”

Discover People Instagram

Step #4: Connect Your Contacts

When you tap “Discover People,” proceed by tapping the “Connect Contacts” option. Instagram might ask for your permission, so you must allow access to this feature. This will show you a list of usernames of your contacts on Instagram.

Connect Your Contacts

Step #5: Figure Out What Contact Belongs to a Username

You might observe usernames that do not exactly match the names of people you know on your contact list. Hence, it’ll be up to you to review the person’s profile and know who it is.

Once you find the profile you’re after, you can match it with phone contact and get the person’s number.

What Contact Belongs To A Username

How To Get a Person’s Phone Number From the “Follow and Invite Friends” Option on Instagram

This option is quite similar to the “Discover people” option. However, you’ll have to get the option through Instagram settings. These are the steps involved in getting a number from the “Follow and Invite Friends” option.

Step #1: Launch Your Instagram Application

As always, tap the Instagram icon to launch it and take you to your home feed. If you logged out before, log in to the app to start this process.

Instagram App Icon

Step #2: Go to Your Profile Page

Click the human icon at the far right of the navigation bar to take you to the profile page.

Your Profile Page

Step #3: Go to “Settings and Privacy”

To the top right of your profile page, click the hamburger menu for a list of options. Click on “Settings” to move to the next step.

Settings And Privacy Instagram

Step #4: Tap on “Follow and Invite Friends”

The first option on the settings page is the “Follow and Invite Friends” option. When you tap on it, it’ll open a page showing a list of ways to follow or invite your friends.

Follow And Invite Friends

Step #5: Click on “Follow Contacts”

Click on the “Follow Contacts” option and allow access to the confirmation pop-up that appears. Confirm to allow access and see the list of people on your contacts who are also on Instagram.

Follow Contacts

Step #6: Get the Number of the Instagram User

Scroll the list and figure out who is who, then find the user’s phone number in your phonebook.

What Contact Belongs To A Username

Getting a Phone Number From Instagram Using Third-Party Websites/Apps

Many websites can help you extract the phone numbers of people on Instagram, even if the account is private.

These websites might only require the person’s username or/and email, and you’ll get the account’s number in minutes. However, these websites are unrecognized and unrecommended as you’re violating a person’s privacy.

Can Be a Crime

We strongly do not recommend using a third-party app to extract a phone number from Instagram. If you extract a person’s number through these third-party platforms, you might commit a crime in some states. It’s best to get an account’s phone number by asking for or using a listed phone number in their bio.


These are the known ways to extract a phone number from an Instagram account indirectly, for there is no direct way unless the user gives you the phone number or has it listed on their bio.

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