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How To Do Green Screen on Microsoft Teams

How To Do Green Screen On Microsoft Teams

When working with different remote conferencing applications, like Zoom, you can add a green screen to enhance your background. When it comes to Microsoft Teams, you may wonder how to use it with the green screen.

Microsoft Teams says there is no need for adding a green screen, and it offers no such a feature. However, there is a way to do a green screen on Microsoft Teams.

Quick Answer

Using a green screen is how you hide your messy background. When using the green screen on Microsoft Teams, your best bet is downloading and installing the OBS Software on your computer. You then configure OBS to offer a green screen when using its OBS virtual camera. From there, open your Microsoft Teams and select the OBS virtual camera as your camera option. You will notice that the virtual camera will have the green screen effect and can now start your meeting.

We will dive into using a green screen on Microsoft Teams. We will see the steps for installing and configuring OBS software to work with Microsoft Teams. Let’s begin!

Can You Use Green Screen With Microsoft Teams?

According to Microsoft Teams, the green screen effect is unnecessary when using the platform. Microsoft Teams says its video quality is excellent, and users do not need to consider using any green screen or virtual background.

Besides, Microsoft Teams has no feature to support using a green screen with their application. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the green effect with Microsoft Teams.

With the help of third-party software, you will manage to use the green screen with Microsoft Teams.

How To Do Green Screen With Microsoft Teams

There are a few detailed steps to follow when working with the green screen within Microsoft Teams. Proceed as follows.

  1. Open your browser and visit the OBS website.
  2. Download the Installer file.
  3. Find the downloaded file and double-click on it to run the installer.
  4. Once installed, restart your computer.
  5. Open the installed OBS Software.
  6. Click the plus icon at the bottom of the “Sources” tab.
  7. Scroll down the menu that will open and select the option for “Video Capture Device.”
  8. Choose your webcam from the existing one or create a new one and click the “Ok” button.
  9. Under the “Resolution/FPS Type,” select the “Custom” option, adjust other settings, and click the “Ok” button.
  10. Still, on the “Sources” section, click the plus icon.
  11. Select the option for “Image” on the menu that will appear.
  12. Name your image and click the “Ok” button.
  13. Click on the “Browse” button and select your green screen background image from your computer.
  14. Drag the created image below the video capture device on the “Sources” tab.
  15. You can adjust the uploaded image and camera to ensure it fits properly.
  16. Right-click on the video capture device under the “Sources tab and click “Filters” on the menu tab that will open.
  17. On the filters window, click the plus icon and choose the option for “Chroma Key.”
  18. Click the “Ok” key button.
  19. Find the “Similarity” sliders and adjust them by dragging them to the right.
  20. Exit the window by clicking the “Close” button.
  21. At the bottom, click the option for “Start Virtual Camera.”

You can use the green screen effect on your Microsoft Teams window. Note that when you add the OBS virtual camera on Microsoft Teams, the image you selected earlier will appear as the background. So, ensure you added a green background image and proceed as follows.

With OBS software running in the background, open your Microsoft Teams program.

  1. Start or join a meeting on Teams.
  2. Locate the three dots at the top and click on them.
  3. Select the option for “Settings” and then “Device settings.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Camera and expand on it.
  5. Select your “OBS Virtual Camera” from the listed options.

The image you uploaded will immediately be selected as your Microsoft Teams background.


This post has explained all details about adding a green screen on Microsoft Teams. Follow along and enjoy using a green screen in your next Microsoft Teams window.

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