How To Delete Telegram From Computer?

How To Delete Telegram From Computer

Telegram is a cloud-based cross-platform instant messaging app for interacting with friends, family, and co-workers.

Several devices support the app, from smartphones, tablets, and Windows to Mac computers.

If you are using the app on multiple devices, say, on your phone and computer, you may want to delete the application from the computer if you find navigating the two devices overwhelming.

But how do you uninstall the app from your computer?

Quick Answer

To delete Telegram from your PC, navigate to the Settings app and select “Apps.” Next, select “Apps & features,” scroll down the app list, and find Telegram. Finally, click on three dots and select “Uninstall.”

This post discusses how to delete Telegram from the computer.

Reasons for Deleting Telegram From a Computer

While Telegram is likened to WhatsApp as an instant messaging and social app, it has several perks that make it stand out among its competitors.

For instance, you can have secret chats only you and the recipient can access. Also, the platform has a self-destructing feature that lets you send messages that automatically disappear after the recipient has read them.

Various devices support the app, including smartphones, tablets, Windows, and Mac computers. Additionally, the app allows you to open it on multiple devices simultaneously.

While having the app on various devices is sometimes convenient, navigating both devices can also be overwhelming.

Suppose you have the Telegram desktop app on your PC and the mobile app on your smartphone. If you primarily use the app on mobile, you could choose to uninstall the app on the computer.

There are other personal reasons you might want to delete Telegram from your computer, including storage space and RAM usage.

Whatever your reason for deleting Telegram from the computer, read on to discover how to do it.

How To Delete Telegram From Computer?

The process of uninstalling Telegram from your computer varies, depending on whether it’s a Windows PC or a Mac. Let’s discuss the various methods below.

Deleting Telegram From Windows PC

Follow the below steps to delete Telegram from a Windows PC:

  1. Click the Windows/Start menu icon.Click The Windows Menu Icon
  2. Click on the settings icon.Click On The Settings Icon
  3. Select “Apps.”Select Apps
  4. Click on “Apps & features.”Click On Apps &Amp; Features
  5. Scroll down the app list to locate “Telegram Desktop” and click on it.Locate Telegram Desktop And Click On It
  6. Select “Uninstall.”Select Uninstall
  7. Click “Uninstall” again to confirm the action.Click Uninstall Again

Deleting Telegram From Mac

Follow these steps to uninstall Telegram from your Mac:

  1. Click Go.”Click Go.
  2. Select “Applications” from the drop-down menu.Select Applications From The Drop-Down Menu.
  3. Type “Telegram” in the search box in the Applications window. All files related to Telegram appear in the results.Type Telegram In The Search Box
  4. Select the files and right-click on them.Select The Files And Right-Click On Them.
  5. Select “Move to Bin.”Select Move To Bin.
  6. Close that window and click on the trash bin icon in the Dock.Click On The Trash Bin Icon
  7. Click “Empty Bin” on the pop-up menu that appears.Click Empty Bin On The Pop-Up Menu
  8. Click “Empty Bin” to confirm the action.Click Empty Bin To Confirm The Action

Alternatively, using the Telegram desktop app, you can delete your Telegram account on a PC. Let’s discuss the steps to delete your Telegram account below.

How To Delete Telegram Account on a PC?

Below are the steps to delete your Telegram account on your PC:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to To Httpsmy.telegram.orgauth
  2. Enter your phone number in the “Your Phone Number field.” Ensure you enter the correct phone number, including the country code.Enter Your Phone Number
  3. Click “Next.”Click Next.
  4. Enter the code you receive in your Telegram app.Enter The Code You Receive
  5. Click the “Sign in” button.Click The Sign In Button
  6. Choose “Delete account.”Choose Delete Account
  7. Click on “Delete My Account.”Click On Delete My Account.
  8. Select “Yes, delete my account.”Select Yes, Delete My Account

Deleting your Telegram account on your PC also deletes the account from other connected devices. Moreover, it may be impossible to sign up again for several days. For this reason, only delete the account when you’re sure you no longer need to use the app.

Winding Up

Deleting Telegram from a computer varies depending on whether it’s a Windows PC or Mac.

However, each method involves accessing the app from the applications list and then uninstalling it.

Alternatively, you can delete your account if you no longer want to use the app from whichever connected device.


Can I delete Telegram permanently on my computer?

Yes, you can uninstall the Telegram app permanently on any computer, including Windows PC and Mac.

What happens when I delete Telegram from my computer?

When you uninstall Telegram from your computer, you will be logged out of your Telegram account on the device. You’d need to sign in to your account again if you reinstall the app later. However, if you were simultaneously logged in on another device, you remain signed in to the Telegram account of the device despite uninstalling the desktop app.

Will I lose data if I delete my Telegram account?

Yes, deleting your Telegram account erases your account and all associated data, including chats, files, and documents.

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