How To Delete Messages on Discord iPhone

How To Delete Messages On Discord Iphone

Discord is available for Android and iOS. When using Discord on an iPhone, you can perform all activities, including sending messages, joining servers, deleting messages, etc.

As a beginner Discord user, you may get confused about how to perform various tasks when using Discord. For instance, how to delete messages on Discord iPhone. We will see how to achieve this in simple steps.

Quick Answer

When messaging on Discord, your messages are either in the direct messages or in the server where you communicate. So, to delete messages on Discord iPhone, start by opening your Discord app. Tap the hamburger icon on the left and then the Discord icon. On the “Direct Messages” section, open the conversation containing the message you want to delete. Long-press on the particular message, select “Delete Message,” and confirm your action.

Why delete messages on Discord? We will answer this question while covering the steps for sending direct messages on Discord iPhone. Later, we will see how to delete messages on Discord iPhones.

Why Delete Messages on Discord iPhone?

Discord is a platform that supports VoIP communication. You can also share messages in a Discord text channel or as direct messages. Different things can make you want to delete a message when texting on Discord.

It could be you sent the correct message but to the wrong recipient. In such a case, you must delete the direct message shared in the conversation to avoid confusing the recipient. Again, you possibly sent the wrong message to the correct recipient. Such a case calls for you to delete the wrong message quickly.

Sometimes, you could also get second thoughts about your message. When you rethink the message, you may delete it from the conversation. Whatever reason forces you to delete a message on Discord, we will detail the steps to delete messages on Discord iPhone.

How To Send Direct Messages on Discord iPhone

Discord lets you communicate with your friends via direct messages or server channels. When you have Discord friends and want to engage in private communication, your best option is to message each other using the direct message option.

A direct message is a conversation between you and your friend. Here’s how to send a direct message on Discord iPhone.

  1. Open your Discord application.
  2. Once logged in, tap the hamburger icon at the top left.
  3. Tap on the Discord home icon.
  4. From the displayed friends, tap on the friend’s name you wish to send the direct message.
  5. Type your message in the open conversation window and send it.

You’ve successfully sent a direct message on your Discord iPhone. Once your friend replies, you will be notified and can reply to their message.

How To Delete Messages on Discord iPhone

Deleting a message on Discord that you sent to a server or as a direct message is possible. Once you delete the message, it will disappear from the conversation, and nobody can access it again. So, how do you delete a message on Discord?

  1. Open your Discord application and access your account.
  2. Tap the three lines at the top left corner.
  3. Find the Discord home icon and click on it.
  4. Under the “Direct Messages” section, open the conversation where you want to delete a message.
  5. Scroll through the conversation and find the target message.
  6. Long-press on the message to bring up a menu.
  7. Tap on the option for “Delete Message.”
  8. A confirmation window will appear. Tap “Yes” to confirm the action.

That’s it. The particular message will be deleted from the conversation. If you want to delete a message from a text channel of a given server, once you open it and access the message, the process is the same.

Long-press on the message and click the “Delete Message” option. Once you confirm your action, the message will immediately get deleted from the text channel.


Deleting a message on Discord iPhone is straightforward. Find the message you want to delete, long-press on it, and tap the option for deleting it.

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