How To Connect League of Legends to Discord

How To Connect Lol To Discord

League of Legends is among the most popular and loved games. Most users are looking for a way to add it to Discord, but there is no direct way of achieving that.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use different tricks to connect LOL to Discord.

So, what then should you do to connect LOL to Discord?

Quick Answer

Although the official Discord removed the LOL connection, you can use BetterDiscord to connect it.

BetterDiscord is not supported or recommended for use. However, many users use it, and if you want to connect LOL to Discord, that’s your best chance.

So, install the application, open it, and access the section for “Themes and Plugins” in settings. Find the “fake connections” plugin, add the League of Legends connection by typing its name, and then link it to your profile.

We will start by discussing BetterDiscord and whether it’s safe to use. Afterward, we will cover the steps for connecting LOL to Discord and a few frequently asked questions about LOL.

Should You Use BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is an unofficial version of Discord, and the official Discord and its community doesn’t recommend using BetterDiscord. Therefore, you must be keen when using BetterDiscord as you risk your data.

Even though BetterDiscord could be unsafe, many users have downloaded it and used it for their activities, such as connecting League of Legends to it. Unlike the official Discord, BetterDiscord offers a connection for most apps, even those not supported by the official Discord. As such, you can use it to connect LOL to your Discord.

How To Connect LOL to Discord

Discord is a VoIP platform that lets gamers chat when gaming through a server. LOL stands for League of Legends. It is an online game that involves gamers building castles in their kingdom and fighting with others for glory. LOL is very popular, and many gamers love it.

Unfortunately, many sync options were removed after Discord updated its verification process for connections, including League of Legends. Hence, it’s impossible to link LOL to the official Discord account.

If you must connect LOL to Discord, you can use BetterDiscord as follows.

Step #1: Download BetterDiscord

Using BetterDiscord is the only way of connecting LOL to Discord. So, visit the BetterDiscord website and download it.

Note that BetterDiscord could be unsafe. Therefore, proceed at your own risk.

Step #2: Open Plugins and Themes

Install BetterDiscord, then open it.

You will note its interface is different from the official Discord application, and it has more options.

Click on the settings icon and go to the “Themes and Plugins” section.

Step #3: Activate the “fakeconnection” Plugin

Locate the “fake connection” plugin in the plugin section and activate it. You can optionally install any theme in the themes section.

Step #4: Connect LOL to Your Discord

Once the plugin installs and activates, open the “Connections” tab. Locate the option to connect the League of Legends and click on it.

Once connected, you can enjoy playing the game with Discord running in the background to facilitate communication with your fellow gamers. That way, you now have LOL connected to Discord.


The connection for the League of Legends was removed from the official Discord, meaning gamers can’t add it to Discord.

However, using BetterDiscord, you can connect LOL to Discord.

This guide has presented four steps to follow to install BetterDiscord and use it to connect LOL to Discord and start playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Discord support League of Legends?

No, it doesn’t. Initially, Discord had a connection for League of Legends, but after updating its verification process, LOL didn’t pass the verification, and Discord removed it. So, you can’t connect to LOL using the official Discord app.

Is BetterDiscord safe?

No, it’s not. The app is developed and released anonymously, and the official Discord community doesn’t recommend using BetterDiscord as it poses a threat to users’ data and is not officially verified.

How do I connect LOL to Discord?

Start by downloading and installing BetterDiscord. Next, open it, access settings, and click on “Themes and Plugins”. Locate the plugin for “fake connection” and click on it. Lastly, connect LOL to your Discord and start gaming.

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