Why Will My Calls Go Through but Not iMessage?

Why Will My Calls Go Through But Not Imessage

With iMessage, you can message your friends who use Apple, and your texts will get sent via the internet instead of carrier charges.

Sometimes, you may try using iMessage only for your iMessage not to get delivered, yet when you call your friend, the calls go through. When such a case occurs, it gets confusing, and you may think of different possible causes with no solution.

Quick Answer

For an iMessage to get delivered, different factors must be met. So, start by checking that you have an active internet connection to facilitate sending the iMessage. Also, ensure you have iMessage enabled. Still, it could be your friend is not online or has not enabled iMessage on their end. Still, if the person has “Do Not Disturb” mode enabled, you won’t manage to reach them, and your iMessage won’t get delivered.

This post covers different causes why your iMessage is not getting delivered, yet your calls are working correctly. We will discuss each possible cause in detail while mentioning what to do to help fix the error and hopefully manage to deliver your iMessage.

Why Will My Calls Go Through but Not iMessage?

When your friends use iPhones or iPads, you should successfully initiate communication with them via iMessage. This privilege is strictly between Apple users. iMessage has different status symbols that indicate whether the iMessage has been sent or delivered to the target person.

It’s unfortunate when you send an iMessage, and it fails to get delivered, yet when you call your friend, the call goes through, and they pick up. When such a scenario happens, you will get confused about what is causing this, but we will help eliminate the frustration by discussing its causes.

No Internet Connection

With iMessage, you must have an active internet connection to send your message. If you try using iMessage but don’t have an internet connection, you will get an error that your iMessage couldn’t get delivered.

So, check your internet connection and ensure it is active. If using Wi-Fi, ensure your connection is active. Try opening another application or browsing to confirm your internet connection.

iMessage Is Disabled

iMessage is not enabled by default on your iPhone. So, if you’ve not enabled it and try sending an iMessage to your friend, it will raise an error hindering your iMessage from getting delivered.

Similarly, if your friend has iMessage disabled on the phone, your iMessage may fail to get delivered. If this is the case, you need to enable iMessage.

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Click on “Messages.”
  3. Locate “iMessage” and ensure it’s enabled. If not, turn on the switch to enable it.

Once you’ve enabled iMessage, try sending your iMessage again and check if that resolved the error. If it still fails, consider sending your message as an SMS and check if that works.

They Have “Do Not Disturb” Enabled

Many people enable the “Do Not Disturb” mode when they don’t want people to contact them. With the DND enabled, it can sometimes affect iMessage and make it not get delivered.

Although this scenario is rare, it’s worth confirming it to ensure you don’t leave any factors not checked.

Technical Glitch

When your iMessage fails to get delivered, most of the time, a technical fault could be the cause of the problem. A technical glitch could make your iMessage app fail to sync and work correctly.

Such issues automatically sort themselves, but a quick restart of your phone could help fix the problem.


When your iMessage fails to get delivered, but when you call someone, the calls go through, it could be due to four main reasons; no internet connection, DND mode, technical glitch, and iMessage being disabled.

We’ve discussed these reasons and how you can fix the issue. You now understand why your iMessage fails to get delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes iMessage not to get delivered?

The leading cause is the lack of an internet connection. Still, if you’ve not enabled iMessage or a technical glitch affects iMessage, you may also experience an issue where your iMessage fails to get delivered.

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