What To Put in Discord About Me?

What To Put In Discord About Me

Messaging and social media platforms allow people to share their bios with the public. When you have the “About Me” section, you can add details about yourself that you want people to see.

Many prefer adding an “about me” section representing their personality. Well, a first impression is created by the details you add in your “about me” section, and we will see what to put in Discord “about me” section.

Quick Answer

What you type in Discord “About Me” section should represent your personality. It can be your personal information, such as a hobby, age, etc., or random quotes that align with your interest. Still, you can give your username for other social accounts as your Discord “about me.” Furthermore, you can add phrases that have hidden meanings as part of confusing your friends. Ideally, there is no limitation regarding what to insert in your Discord “about me” section.

We will begin by understanding why the Discord about me section matters and how you can add your about me on Discord. Moreover, we will see the different examples of what to put in your Discord about me. You will know what to add to your Discord about me from the examples we present.

What Is a Discord About Me“?

Your Discord “about me” is ideally a space Discord gives you to write your bio. You are given a chance to create your first impression and connect with friends. You can easily bring out who you are using the Discord bio, such that someone can know what your Discord is about and who you are by simply reading your Discord “about me.”

Your Discord “about me” has a limit of 190 characters. Thus, you must be brief and specific to ensure you don’t exceed this limit.

How To Add a Discord About Me

You can add your Discord “about me” details using Discord on your desktop, Android, and iOS. The process is straightforward, and we will see the steps to follow.

Add Discord About Me on PC

  1. Open your Discord desktop app.
  2. Sign in and click the settings icon at the bottom.
  3. On the “My Account” section, click the “Edit User Profile” button.
  4. Scroll down and find the “About Me” section.

You will add your bio in the provided text area. Once you type your “about me,” save the changes for the bio to appear in your profile.

Add Discord About Me on Discord Mobile

For Android and iOS, the steps to follow are the same.

  1. Open your Discord app.
  2. Swipe right or tap the menu icon at the top.
  3. Tap your profile avatar at the bottom.
  4. On the settings page, tap “User Profile” or “Profiles.”
  5. Locate the “About Me” section and type your bio.

Remember to save your changes when you type the Discord “about me” text.

What To Put in Discord About Me?

We’ve seen the Discord “about me” and how you can access it. The next concern is what to type in your Discord “about me.” You can add numerous things in the 190-character limit text area, and we will give you a few ideas of what to consider.

Describe Your Personality

Your Discord “about me” section is where you describe who you are. It could be your traits, hobbies, etc. You can type out your personality or use quotes to stand in for your personality.

For instance, if you are a game lover, you can put, “Gaming is my life,” and anyone who sees such a bio will conclude you are a game maniac. The trick is to get creative in bringing out your personality using a text or quote.

Add Personal Information

Some prefer adding their personal information as their Discord “about me.” You can add details about your age, location, education, gender, etc. That way, your Discord “about me” will be a source of information for anyone looking to know you.

Add Your Username for Social Media Accounts

You can also add your social media handles for people to connect with your outside Discord. For instance, you can add your Twitter or Instagram username as your Discord “about me.”

Add Quotes

Some random quotes also fit in on your Discord “about me.” Here, you can add quotes relating to movies, TV shows, celebrities, inspiration, etc.

Any relevant quote that doesn’t exceed 190 characters can be added to your Discord “about me.”


Discord has an “about me” section where you can add any text that best represents you or is worth it. We’ve discussed what Discord “about me” is, where you can find it, and given ideas of what to add to your Discord bio.

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