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How To Change Language on Instagram?

How To Change Language On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications in the whole wide world.

Millions and millions of people of different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities use it.

While English is the default language for the app, there are other options.

If you have thought about how to change the language, this article is for you!

Quick Answer

You can change the language of Instagram in the Instagram settings. Navigate to the “Account” option and select the “Language” option.

In this article, let us find out how we can change the default language by Instagram to a language you would be more comfortable with and how to use the app more effectively. 

Why Do I Have To Change the Language on Instagram?

The Facebook-owned social media giant offers a wide range of options for all its users, from sharing images and videos and updating them occasionally.

They have recently also started cross-application messaging between Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages. 

English is the default language when we use or install the app on our devices. We can change the language to communicate more efficiently and comfortably with our loved ones.

Both Instagram and Facebook currently support over 36 languages


Changing the language settings on your Instagram will not affect the language settings of your phone, computer, or any other device.

How To Change the Language on Instagram?

Both Meta and Instagram allow you to share content in different languages. So if you want to change your language to express yourself better, you’ve come to the right place.

Changing language is only available for mobile devices; you cannot access this feature on your PC.

Let’s look at the step-by-step process and find out how we can change the language settings for Instagram from different devices!

Changing the Language Settings Using the Instagram Android App

You can use the following steps to change your language on Instagram on an Android device using the in-app settings available:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android device.Open Instagram App
  2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner.Tap On Profile Icon In The Bottom Right Corner
  3. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner.Tap On Hamburger Menu Icon In Top Right Corner
  4. Select “Settings and privacy.”Click On Settings And Privacy
  5. Scroll down to the “Your app and media” section.Scroll Down To The Your App And Media Section
  6. Tap on “Language.”Tap On Language.
  7. Choose the language you would like to use on Instagram.Choose The Language

Changing the Language Settings Using the Instagram iOS App

To change the Instagram language on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS device.Launch The Instagram App On Iphone
  2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner.Tap The Profile Icon In The Bottom Right Corner.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner.Tap The Hamburger Menu Icon In The Top Right Corner.
  4. Select “Settings and Privacy.”Select Settings And Privacy.
  5. Select “Language.”Select Language.
  6. Tap on the “Continue” option.Tap On The Continue Option.
  7. Choose your preferred language.Choose Your Preferred Language.
No “Language” Option.

If you cannot find the “Language” option in your iPhone settings, go to the “General” tab in settings. Next, select “Language & Region” and select a preferred language.

Changing Instagram Language Using a Mobile Browser

Here’s how you can change your language settings from a mobile browser:

  1. Open a mobile browser of your choice and navigate to Instagram.Open A Mobile Browser Of Your Choice And Navigate To Instagram
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.Tap On The Profile Picture
  3. Tap on the settings icon in the top left corner.Tap On The Settings Icon
  4. Select “Language.”Select Language
  5. Select your preferred language.Select Your Preferred Language

To Sum Up

We have looked at how Instagram continuously updates its interface and tries its best to be accessible to everyone.

We now know how to change the language settings from different devices, which will solely affect the settings in the application and not change the device’s configurations in any way. 


Does Instagram automatically translate messages and captions?

The content, such as comments, captions, or messages, is translated automatically based on the language. 

Does changing the language on my Instagram affect the rest of the applications or my device?

Changing the language of your application will in no way change the settings or manipulate the working of your device in any way. The in-app language alone is going to change.

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