How Do Discord Bans Work?

How Do Discord Bans Work

Every platform has a way of maintaining order and ensuring its users adhere to the set terms of service. When using Discord, you agree to its terms of service when signing up for your free Discord account.

If you get yourself banned on Discord or from a server, you must have violated the various guidelines for the given server or the entire Discord platform.

Quick Answer

How does Discord bans work? When you violate the rules of a given server, the server’s admin or moderators are free to ban you from their server, but that won’t affect the other servers you’ve joined. Getting banned from a Discord server means you can’t join the server again using your username or IP. Similarly, Discord uses your username and device IP address to ban you from the platform.

We will understand what a Discord ban is, how it works, and why you may get banned from a Discord server or the Discord platform. You will eventually understand how Discord bans work. Read on!

What Are Discord Bans?

Discord is a free platform. However, you must follow various rules to use the Discord platform comfortably. The same applies when you join a Discord server. The server admin and moderators are responsible for managing the Discord server, and when you are found to have violated the set rules, you risk getting banned.

On Discord, you can get a server ban or a system-wide ban. Either case is undesirable as it will affect how you use Discord.

You will get banned on Discord for various reasons. The common ones include the following.

  • Raiding other servers.
  • Sharing sexual content.
  • Using Discord for illegal activities.
  • Creating spam accounts.
  • Harassing other Discord users.
  • Promoting suicide or self-injury.
  • Spamming other Discord users.

The reason for getting banned from a server will differ depending on the particular server. You can refer to the rules set for the particular server to ensure your activities don’t risk getting banned from Discord.

How Do Discord Bans Work?

When you create your Discord account, you are mainly identified using your Discord username and the IP address for your device. So, when Discord wants to ban you from using its platform, it can achieve so by banning your IP address and limiting your Discord username from accessing the Discord service.

Your Discord account is rendered useless when that happens, as you can’t access anything using the banned account. Besides, changing your username will still lock you out of Discord because your IP address is already flagged.

Therefore, even when you create a new Discord account using your device, the new account will remain banned because of the same IP address.

In the case of a Discord server, you are likely to get banned by the moderator bot or the server’s admin or moderator. You can’t reaccess the server when banned from a Discord server. However, you can still use the other Discord servers comfortably.

You will be removed from all the channels about the particular Discord server where you’ve been banned. So, the intensity of the Discord ban will depend on whether it’s a system-wide ban or a server ban. You should avoid getting a system-side ban, which will cost you more.

How To Bypass Discord Bans?

Getting banned on Discord is not a new thing. Many Discord users have been banned in different instances. Whether it is a server or system-wide ban, you need a way to counteract it.

The easiest way is to use a virtual private network. With a VPN, you will manage to change your IP address. When that happens, you can create a new Discord account with a different username. You can start using Discord and start everything new, from creating servers to joining existing ones.

Even on the server where you were previously banned, you can join it as a new member and ensure you don’t get banned again this time.


When you face a Discord ban, your IP address is banned. We’ve discussed a Discord ban, why it happens, what it means, and how to bypass it.

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