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How To Add Line Breaks on Instagram

Adding Line Breaks On Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media application. But for those who don’t use it often, it can seem quite confusing. Especially when writing captions, the app can seem very difficult to use.

Many people complain that the app doesn’t allow them to add spaces between the text. If you’re having the same problem and are wondering how to add line breaks on Instagram, it isn’t as difficult as it seems! There are several different methods that you can use for this.

Continue reading to find out how to add line breaks on Instagram.

Why You Need Line Breaks

People look for engaging content on social media. No one likes to read lengthy unformatted text. It can be dull. So even if you want to talk about something at length, it is always a great idea to add spaces and line breaks for greater readability.

Usually, when you’re trying to put forth your ideas about something to your followers, or if you want to talk about your brand or something that you’re promoting, there is a lot of content to share. You might want to write down all your thoughts at once. However, this can be confusing for the readers. You should add line breaks to appeal to your target audience. The entire idea behind writing content is for your audience to read it. Without spaces, readability is significantly affected.

That said, Instagram does not allow adding line breaks when writing captions now. Earlier on, this was very simple. You could directly add line breaks when writing captions using the enter button. But the app has now gotten rid of this method.

So how can you add line breaks now?

Adding Line Breaks

You can use several methods to add line breaks on Instagram. Whether you’re writing captions or a lengthy bio, these methods can help you write content captivatingly.

Method #1: Symbols

You can use different symbols like a dash or even an emoji to add space to your text. This is, in fact, one of the simplest methods to add line breaks when writing. The extra symbol that you add appears as a space and can help with readability.

However, sometimes people don’t want to use this method because the emoji is visible and does not look great when reading. It can also be a distraction to many.

Method #2: Notes

You can also use the notes app on your phone. You can write your text there and also space your text just the way you want. Then, once you’re done with all the formatting, you can easily copy from there and paste it to Instagram.

While Notes is a built-in Apple application, Android users might have to download it from the store.

Method #3: Line Spacer Apps

There are a lot of line spacer apps available (for example “Line Spaces for Instagram). You can search for them and download the one that seems most convenient to use. Then, create your written passage on that application and quickly paste it to Instagram.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications. Its users have only grown over time. However, one of the major concerns people have is that they cannot add line breaks when writing text on the app. Be it captions or bios; the app doesn’t allow spacing.

Adding line breaks is essential when you want to write a long paragraph. It improves readability and also allows for greater efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a vertical line in your Instagram bio?

You need to open the application and press the profile button. Next, edit your profile by going to the Bio section. From here, press the “add a line” button, and you should easily be able to add a vertical line then.

Why won’t my line breaks work on Instagram?

If your line breaks don’t work, check the spaces at the end of the last character. If you put spaces after you finish the last word before the line break, it will not show up. This is why a lot of people now use line spacing applications.

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