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How Long Does Reddit Maintenance Last?

How Long Does Reddit Maintenance Last

Reddit is a vast application that has gained many users who engage on the platform. Reddit needs to be maintained now and again to operate as expected.

Without maintaining Reddit, the app may fail or lack essential features that need to make it more suitable and usable.

This guide has researched Reddit maintenance, and if you want to know when maintenance will end, read it!

Quick Answer

Reddit tries to ensure its application is up and running every time. But when maintenance needs to get done, they must disrupt normal operations. There is no exact time set aside to define when maintenance usually ends because the time depends on the type of maintenance done by Reddit. However, you can tell how long Reddit maintenance will last by checking the status page.

It can be disappointing when you want to use Reddit only to realize you cannot access Reddit for one reason or another. If you are wondering when Reddit maintenance will end, this guide has helped you understand how long maintenance takes on Reddit, what it means when it is under maintenance and what you can do to fix a Reddit not working.

What is Reddit Maintenance?

Reddit is an application that strives to offer better features for its users and improve the application. You may sometimes wonder why an app is not operating as normal, only to realize the issue is not with your phone or app but with the service provider.

Maintenance is essential for any online application to remain relevant and updated with new features. Maintenance enables Reddit to add new features, repair misbehaving modules and improve the application’s performance.

How Long Does Reddit Maintenance Last?

Now that you know what maintenance means, you may wonder how long it takes.

Maintenance on Reddit can take a few hours, but it is not clear the exact time it takes because maintenance times differ. But to help Reddit users know when the app has maintenance and how long, it offers a status page where users can check.

The Reddit status page lets you check if the Reddit team undertakes any maintenance.

The page will show you the time and status if there is maintenance. Maintenance can take a long time, but when you are logged to the status page, you can know if it will end soon by checking the maintenance status.

How To Fix Reddit App Not Working

When Reddit is doing maintenance, the only thing you can do is wait for the process to end and use the app again.

But if you think your app is failing to work because of issues related to your phone or the Reddit application, you can try the following tips.

Method #1: Restart the App

Reddit application may fail to work because it has issues with a few glitches making it not work.

In such a case, you need to shut down the app, open it again, and check its performance.

Method #2: Clear the Reddit App Cache

The Reddit cache enables you to access information regarding the app in the future with ease.

If the Reddit app becomes corrupted, the data may get stored in the cache, making it misbehave anytime you try opening it.

In such a case, you need to go to the Settings app, tap on Reddit from “Applications” and choose to clear its cache.

Method #3: Check Your Network Connection

An application like Reddit must get accessed via an internet connection.

You may assume you are connected to the internet only to discover Reddit is not opening because of a lack of internet.

You can restart your router or open another app like Instagram and check if it can load. If your internet fails, contact your internet provider to help you.

Method #4: Restart your Phone

Your phone may be causing issues making Reddit not work correctly.

You may need to restart it and check later if Reddit can work as expected.

Method #5: Reinstall Reddit

If none of the methods work, you can try uninstalling Reddit app on your phone and installing it again.

The app may have a few issues that can get fixed by installing a new one.


A Reddit app failing to work may happen sometimes, but you don’t have to worry because you can quickly deal with the issue when it has nothing to do with Reddit doing maintenance.

If the Reddit servers are down, you cannot do anything to fix the issue unless you wait for the maintenance to end. Otherwise, follow this guide to learn how to fix a misbehaving Reddit app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to fix Reddit if the servers are down?

When Reddit servers are down, it means Reddit is doing some maintenance from their side. In such a case, there is nothing you can do to fix the issue. You can only wait for the maintenance to end.

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