How To Add Agenda to Zoom Meeting

How To Add Agenda To Zoom Meeting

Zoom is now used for anything remote. Whether classes, interviews, seminars, etc., Zoom earns a place in every situation.

When using Zoom for your remote activity, the host may want to share the agenda so that every participant remains focused on what they should work on during the session. In that case, adding an agenda to the Zoom meeting is handy.

Quick Answer

How do you add the agenda to the Zoom meeting? Zoom doesn’t offer room for users to add an agenda. It currently doesn’t have such a feature. However, you can use a third-party app to add an agenda to a Zoom meeting. Click on Zoom’s “Apps” section, search for the particular app, and install it. With your app added to Zoom, open it and create your agenda on Zoom. Participants will then see the added agenda once you share it to make it visible to them.

This post discusses why adding agenda to a Zoom meeting is beneficial. We will understand the steps for adding an agenda on Zoom using a third-party app. Read on!

Should You Add the Agenda to Zoom Meeting?

Yes, you should. When you have a Zoom meeting, it makes sense to make people aware of what it is about and what you will be focusing on during the session.

Thus, creating and sharing an agenda with the participants will help achieve that. An agenda will highlight all the aspects the Zoom meeting will focus on, including the expected duration of each aspect.

That way, when the host engages in the Zoom meeting, the participants can comfortably follow along and refer to the agenda to ensure all the sections are covered.

Furthermore, the agenda in a Zoom meeting will guide the host on what to focus on and help reduce any digression that may occur during the Zoom meeting.

How To Add Agenda to Zoom Meeting

When you schedule a Zoom meeting, the meeting link you share with friends only highlights the topic of the Zoom meeting. Zoom doesn’t offer any feature you can use to create an agenda and share it with participants.

However, you can utilize different third-party apps to help add agenda to Zoom meetings. This guide will detail how to add agenda to a Zoom meeting using one of the many available third-party apps.

The steps presented are similar to those of other apps that you can use. Take a look!

  1. Open your Zoom desktop client and sign in.
  2. Create or join a Zoom meeting.
  3. On the meeting window, find the “Apps” option at the bottom and click on it.
  4. Search for the third-party app. For this case, we will search for the “Workona” app.
  5. Click on the app and then the “Add” button, and proceed to install/add it on Zoom.
  6. Restart your Zoom application.
  7. Open the meeting window again and click on “Apps.”
  8. Click “My Apps” and select the installed app from the listed applications.
  9. For “Workona,” click the “Create a Workspace” option.
  10. Select the “Notes” option and type your Zoom meeting agenda.
  11. Click on “Tasks” and then the “Share” button at the top to make the agenda visible to all participants.

That’s how you add the agenda to the Zoom meeting. Although the steps may slightly differ depending on the third-party app you install, the above steps give an idea of adding an agenda to a Zoom meeting.


When you want to add agenda to a Zoom meeting, find a third-party app that supports creating a Zoom agenda and add it to your Zoom meeting window.

Once you do, create a workspace, add the agenda, and share it with other participants. You will have successfully added the agenda to the Zoom meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the agenda on Zoom?

Zoom doesn’t have a feature to support adding an agenda. However, you can use a third-party app to create a Zoom meeting agenda. Once you share it with participants, they will follow along and remain active in the Zoom meeting.

Can you add an agenda to Zoom?

Yes, you can. For that, find a third-party app and follow its instructions to add it to Zoom and create your agenda.

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