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How To Add a Tag on Reddit

How To Add A Tag On Reddit

Reddit is among the most popular social networks for sharing links and discussions. Users create posts on this forum to get an upvote which moves the post to the platform’s top, or a downvote. Reddit tags are the single word that helps you filter valuable content. You can use these tags for all kinds of subreddits and categorize different posts.

Quick Answer

Adding a tag on Reddit is very easy, and you can do it by following just some simple steps. You can add a tag to a post by selecting the flair option when you want to write a post. But you must choose the post you wish to tag or the subreddit you will post on if it’s a new post. Finally, you can add username tags to bring worth to such users.

There are many reasons why you might want to add a tag to posts that you make on Reddit. For example, it may be that the post is relevant to specific subreddits where your post will be more likely to receive upvotes. It could also be that other users have mentioned your post in a thread, and tagging it will let them know about your entry.

This article will show you how to add a tag on Reddit if you are not already on the website.

How To Add a Tag on Reddit

As discussed earlier, Reddit is an enormous discussion forum, and the way to bring things to order is through subreddits. The idea of using a tag on Reddit gives your post or username context or humor and helps you organize the post. These tags are called Reddit’s flair, enabling you to personalize your profile.

Flair is a tag next to the username’s post title on subreddits, giving you a simple look at the user’s style. Also, it enables other users to get content that may interest the user’s feeds. A user’s flair is shown next to their name, but not all subreddits permit symbols and specific text.

Some users don’t know how to go about it, even for subreddits that allow you to add custom tags. Worry not if you are among these set of users. We will show you how to add a tag on Reddit for both post and username and how to go about it on mobile and PC.

Method #1: Adding Tags or Flairs on Post

Assume you wrote a post on a subreddit and want to add some to it. In such a scenario, you may consider adding a tag or flair. If you’re going to boost up your Reddit post, first read the rules of the subreddit you’ve selected. So, how do you proceed to add a tag to your post when you’ve confirmed the restrictions?

Here’s how to add a tag or flair to a post on Reddit:

  1. Go to Reddit and log in if necessary.Open Reddit On Browser
  2. Click on the search box at the top of the page.Click On The Search Box
  3. Type the name of the subreddit.Type The Name Of The Subreddit.
  4. Click on the subreddit and let its page load.Click On The Subreddit
  5. Click the create post button on the right side below “About Community.”Click On The Create Post Button
  6. To add a new flair, click on the flair drop-down menu.Click On The Flair Drop-Down Menu
  7. Select a flair from the options available.Select A Flair
  8. Click the Apply button.Click The Apply Button
  9. Add a title for your post.Add A Title
  10. Write more details about your post in the text box.Write More Details About Your Post In The Text Box
  11. Finally, click the Post button.Click The Post Button

Clicking on the post button directly redirects you to the message you sent, and your content is live with its tag. Yet you can edit the tag/flair if the subreddit permits it by clicking the three dots menu icon below your message. Then select edit flair from the drop-down option to add, delete, or edit a tag.

Method #2: Adding a Tag or Flair to a Username

The username tag allows users to choose which user style should show next to a username. Some subreddits accept text and symbols, while others only allow one or none. Anyway, the user style function varies depending on the subreddit.

Some subreddits, for example, will let you choose your style, while others will let you build your own. In the other instance, only the moderators can apply the touch. So we will teach you how to add tags to your username on Reddit.

Here’s how to add a tag or flair on Reddit to a username:

  1. Open Reddit and sign in with your details.Open Reddit On Browser
  2. Go to a subreddit.Go To A Subreddit
  3. Look for About Community on the right.Look For About Community On The Right
  4. Under the community details, you’ll find your username under the create post button.You'll Find Your Username
  5. Click on the pencil icon.Click On The Pencil Icon
  6. Select a flair from the list of options.Select A Flair From The List Of Options
  7. Tick the show my user flair on this community box.Tick The Show My User Flair On This Community Box
  8. Click on “Apply”.Click On Apply

Suppose you wish to change the flair or tag. You can follow the same procedure to do that. Also, ensure the custom tag you select is the type granted to users. This is important so you don’t go against the subreddit rules and not get yourself banned by a moderator.


Reddit tags provide a better user experience for free for its members. It will be convenient and valuable for the user. It’s simple to use, and you can configure it by following our processes in the article. It’s easy to understand at first glance.

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