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How To Add a Donate Button on Facebook

How To Add A Donate Button On Facebook

Some Facebook pages display the donate button on their profile where if you click the button, you get to donate funds to the linked account or website.

The button comes in handy in letting people donate to the given organization while still on Facebook.

If you’ve seen the donate button and wondering how you can add it on Facebook, you are in the right place. You can add a donate button for your Facebook post or page.

Quick Answer

To add a donate button on a Facebook page, you must be the admin of the given page. Open the page and tap the “Edit page info” option. Under the “Edit your details” page, type your organization in the categories, then save changes. Next, click the “Add a button” option below the cover photo and select the option for “Donate”. Enter your donation link website or use the Facebook on-platform payment. Your donate button is now visible on the Facebook page.

We will understand what a donate button is on Facebook and the different donation buttons that you can add on Facebook. Also, we will see the steps for adding a donation button on a Facebook page and a Facebook post. Moreover, we will see the requirements to add the donate button.

What Is Facebook Donation?

Facebook offers nonprofit organizations an opportunity to raise funds through donations on Facebook. Nonprofit pages can add a donate button on their profile, such that people who visit their profile can click on the donate button and make their donations to the linked website or via Facebook on-platform payment.

Besides, as an admin, you can create a donation post that people can view and click the donate button beside it to make their donations.

When creating the donate button, you must add where to channel the donations. There are two options to use with the donate button.

Linking a Website

With this option, you paste a link to the website where donors can donate their funds.

When someone clicks the donate button, it will take them to the linked website; from there, people can make their donations.

The drawback here is that some users may drop off along the way when opening a new website, failing to donate.

Use Facebook On-Platform Payment

Facebook offers another option for donation that doesn’t involve leaving Facebook.

Here, the organization must enroll in the Facebook Fundraising Tools.

Once they do, when someone clicks the donate button, they won’t have to leave Facebook to donate, making it a better and more convenient donating option.

Facebook Donation Requirements

Before you start adding a Facebook donate button to your site, there are some requirements that you must meet.

They include:

  • Your Facebook page must be a charity or nonprofit organization, and you must be an admin to initiate the process.
  • The Facebook page must have been approved and verified.
  • The Facebook page must adhere to and follow community standards.
  • A valid bank account must be provided to link your on-platform donations.

If you meet the four requirements, it’s time we check the steps for adding the donate button on Facebook.

How To Add a Donate Button on Facebook

We’ve discussed what a Facebook donate button is and the requirements required before adding one.

Let’s see how to add the donate button on a Facebook page and post.

Method #1: Adding a Donate Button on a Facebook Page

The first thing is to ensure you are the admin of the particular page. If you are, proceed with the below steps:

  1. Open Facebook and go to the particular page.
  2. Tap the three dots below the cover photo and select the “Edit Page Info” option.
  3. In the “Edit your details” page, type “nonprofit organization” and save the changes.
  4. Still, on the Facebook page, click the “+Add a Button” at the bottom.
  5. Click on “Donate”, then click “Next”.
  6. Select your donation option and complete the process.

Your donation button is now visible on the Facebook profile page that you are an admin of. People can click on it and make their donations through Facebook or to the linked website.

Method #2: Adding a Donate Button on a Facebook Post

You can create a Facebook post with the donate button as an admin:

  1. Open your organization’s Facebook page.
  2. Start creating a post.
  3. Click on the “Support charity” option under the post actions menu.
  4. Search for the charity or organization you target to raise money for.
    Note that the organization must be eligible and approved for donations.
  5. Add a photo, write your post, then click “Share Now”.

Your post will get published, and people can see it on the News feed and donate by clicking the donate button.


We’ve discussed everything about donations on Facebook.

Moreover, we’ve seen how to add a donate button on a Facebook page and post. Try it out!

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