How Old Is My Twitch Account?

How Old Is My Twitch Account

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms for gamers, streamers, and creators who love to include all their fans in their gameplay and interact with them.

Since its creation in 2011, the platform has emerged as one of the most popular streaming platforms. Today, it has garnered non-gamers attention, and you can find streams besides gaming, too.

We have a way to find out for those who are curious when they created their Twitch account or someone else. Your reasons could be anything.

Perhaps you want to see how many years it took someone to reach the point they are today, or you want to reflect on your Twitch journey. So, how old is my/someone else’s Twitch account?

Quick Answer

You can use various methods to determine the age of your Twitch account or anyone else’s. You can find out from the Twitch chat. Similarly, you can use any third-party tool like Sullygnome, TwitchTracker, Streamcharts, and Twitch Tools. Lastly, you can figure out your account age from the confirmation email you received from Twitch.

The objective of this article is simple: to help you find the age of any Twitch account/channel, whether it is yours or someone else’s. Let’s dive in and learn more about it.

Different Methods To Check the Age of Your Twitch Account

Use any of the methods below to know how old your Twitch account is or perhaps even someone else. You can see which one provides satisfactory results for you.

Method #1: Twitch Chat

You can determine your Twitch account’s creation date from the Twitch chat. It is the easiest and should be your first option.

  1. Navigate to Twitch and sign in.
  2. Click on your profile avatar and select “Channel.”
  3. Click on the “Chat” tab.
  4. Click on your name or anyone’s name from the chatbox. You can send a message to see your name appear on the chat.
  5. An information bar will pop up containing information about when anyone’s account was created next to the birthday cake.

The drawback of the above method is that the person you want to check the account age of must be in your chat. In other words, you must have already sent them a message.

Method #2: Account Email Confirmation

You can also check your Twitch account date from the confirmation email sent to you at your email address.

You search for all the Twitch emails so far received by you and find out the first email, which must be the confirmation email at the time of account creation.


The drawback of this method is that navigating the entire inbox to find the first email sent by Twitch is time-consuming. Moreover, with this method, you can only find the creation date of your account and not someone else’s account. Additionally, the email might be lost (deleted or gone into junk or spam).


Method #3: Third-party Tools

This is the most effective method. You can use any third-party website to find the creation date of any channel, whether it is yours or someone else’s.

Let’s take the example of Sullygnome. You can also use TwitchTracker, Streamcharts, and Twitch Tools.

  1. Navigate to the Sullygnome website on your browser.
  2. On the search bar on the top right, enter the name of any Twitch channel you want to find the creation date and hit “Enter.”
  3. The information related to the channel will be displayed, including the date of creation.

From the creation date, you can figure out the age of any channel. If someone has deactivated an account at some point and reactivated it, the reactivation date will be shown as the creation date.

Wrap Up

Figuring out the age of any account on Twitch is not as complicated as it might sound to you.

With our method, hopefully, you can quench your curiosity and determine the age of any Twitch account or channel you want, including yours.

So, use this information to find out the creation date of your account and ponder how far you have come in the platform this time.

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