How Much Do Twitch Affiliates Make?

How Much Do Twitch Affiliates Make

Twitch is a live streaming platform where users showcase creative content like a day-in-the-life, art, and music. Even though this platform is open to all types of users, it’s especially popular with online gaming.

Intermediate to expert-level gamers stream games and competitions to online viewers. Twitch offers better-qualified streamers with a bigger audience a chance to earn through their channels using an affiliate program.

Usually, these streamers make a percentage of the revenue generated from ads appearing on their channel. If you’re a Twitch user with a large audience, you may be curious about how much Twitch affiliates make.

Quick Answer

The minimum payout for a Twitch affiliate is $50. However, there’s no maximum, as the total payout depends on several factors, including your ad revenue generation, donations and gifts you’ve received from your audience, and the level of engagement you command on the platform.

If you’re considering becoming a Twitch affiliate, this post will help you understand the basics of the Twitch affiliate program and the factors influencing your income.

Overview of the Twitch Affiliate Program

As noted earlier, the Twitch Affiliate program is an arrangement between the platform and streamers, allowing them to earn from their accounts. To qualify to become a Twitch affiliate, you must meet specific requirements.

These include having over 50 followers, streaming for at least 8 hours over seven days, and having an average of 3 viewers for each of your streams. You also have to meet these standards consistently for 30 days.

Twitch affiliates receive their pay on or about the 15th day of the month. However, affiliates have to qualify for payment by meeting the following criteria:

  • That the streamer’s account balance be above $50 for most payment methods since the last day they were paid.
  • That their account information be accurate.
  • That they are eligible for payment by meeting the Twitch Affiliate requirements.

Affiliates receive email updates about the status of their payments and due balance earlier in the month. They can also review Twitch’s Payout History dashboard for an in-depth review of their payment history. Payments can be remitted via direct deposit, PayPal, check payout, or other accepted methods.

Next, we’ll discuss factors determining how much Twitch affiliates make.

Factors Determining a Twitch Affiliate Income

There are several factors determining how much a Twitch affiliate makes.


Twitch’s gift/donation system allows users to donate to streamers if they love their content. Earning from bits and donation is pretty straightforward. 100 Bits is equivalent to $1. The more bits you receive, the more you make.

Overall, audience matters because the more significant the audience a streamer has, the more donations and bits they’ll likely receive.

This means Twitch affiliates with bigger audiences typically earn more. Streamers also earn a percentage of revenue generated through in-game purchases directed from their streams.

Ad-Revenue & Subscriptions

Another significant income determinant for Twitch affiliates is ad revenue. Twitch offers a percentage of the revenue generated from ads as their income. Consequently, the more paid ads a streamer has on their channel, the more income they earn.

Subscriptions also form a significant part of their revenue base. Twitch affiliates with a huge subscription base typically earn more than new affiliates working to build an audience. 

Twitch divides income from subscriptions on a 50/50 basis. For example, if a subscription costs $5, you will receive $2.5 as part of your affiliate earnings.

How To Increase Your Income as a Twitch Affiliate

Even though becoming a Twitch affiliate is relatively easy, earning from your streams is much more challenging. If you’re new to the affiliate program, it’s best to focus on creating meaningful engagement to expand your follower and subscriber base.

The best way to do this is to consistently stream your content, accept feedback from your viewers, and ensure your content is high-quality.

Additionally, compare yourself with other streamers in your niche to see their content and quality and have a clear map of how to advance as an affiliate.


The minimum payout for Twitch affiliates is $50. However, there is no maximum as they have different income levels depending on their audience, ad-revenue revenue, and donations.

If you’re considering becoming a Twitch affiliate, focus on streaming consistently and growing a solid audience. This will help you meet the basic requirements and earn substantial monthly payments.

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