How To Bet on Twitch

How To Bet On Twitch

There are different types of betting, and you can also bet on Twitch. As a streamer, you can create a prediction to engage with your viewers and attract more views for your live stream.

As the viewer, you can bet on Twitch to earn more points if your bet goes through. Although not all regions support betting, we will guide you on betting on Twitch.

Quick Answer

To start a prediction on Twitch, open your Twitch channel and access its chat section. Type the “/prediction” command to bring up the prediction window. Click the “Start Prediction” button and add the prediction details on the next window by creating the prediction and the possible outcome. Lastly, click the “Start Prediction” button to make the prediction live. The viewers will see the created prediction and can tap on it to place their bet.

What does betting mean on Twitch? We will understand how betting works on Twitch. We will detail the steps to create a Twitch prediction and how to place your bet using the channel points. Let’s get started!

What Does Betting Mean on Twitch?

As a Twitch creator, you interact with your viewers differently. Getting more viewers and followers relies on your strategies to engage with your viewers and make them more interested in joining your live stream and following your channel.

You can create a betting experience on Twitch. With Twitch predictions, you can give your viewers room to bet on the prediction. Twitch predictions involve creating a game where the viewers can use their channel points to predict the outcome. If the predicted side wins, any viewer that has placed the bet on the winning side will earn a share of the earned points.

The idea behind Twitch predictions is to engage with viewers and get more people to join the live stream. For instance, you can create a challenge, such as completing a given game within a given time. In your prediction, viewers can bet “Yes” or “No.” The results will be live, and you can set the duration for which viewers can place their bet.

How To Bet on Twitch

Only the Twitch creator can start a prediction for their viewers to bet. Before creating the Twitch prediction, your channel must be a Twitch Affiliates or Partner program. Moreover, the viewers must have earned channel points before they can bet on the created prediction.

Here’s how you create a Twitch prediction.

  1. Open your Twitch account and sign in.
  2. Access your channel’s chat section.
  3. Type the “/prediction” command and press the enter key.
  4. Click the “Start Prediction” button.
  5. On the window that will appear, add the details of your prediction.
  6. Name your prediction and create the possible outcomes.
  7. Add the submission period and click “Start Prediction.”
  8. Confirm the prediction by clicking the “Got It” button.

Your prediction is live, and viewers can start placing their bets before the submission period ends.

When someone sees the channel prediction, they can tap on it to open the window. They can then choose the number of channel points they want to use to place the bet. Once they add their channel points and select their outcome, they can place their bet by clicking the “Vote” button and waiting for the outcome.

Once the prediction ends and the outcome is made, winners will get rewarded by getting a share of the earned channel points. Those who lost the bet won’t earn anything, and their channel points will be rewarded to the winners and the channel creator. Moreover, they won’t bet if the submission period ends before someone can place their bet.


You can create a betting game using the Twitch channel prediction feature.

When you create the game, your viewers can vote on the two possible outcomes, and if the outcome they placed a bet for wins, they will earn a share of the earned points.

We’ve defined what betting means on Twitch and the steps to create a Twitch channel prediction, and how to place a bet.

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