How To Become a Twitch Partner

How To Become A Twitch Partner

If you are a regular Twitch user, you can take your experience next level to earn the partnership program. You will have added advantages as a Twitch partner, such as running more ads and channel customization.

The Twitch partnership program has a criterion you must follow and requirements you must satisfy before becoming eligible. We will guide you on becoming a Twitch partner.

Quick Answer

The best Twitch partner approach is first to become a Twitch affiliate. While at it, ensure you create a community on other social platforms like Twitter, Discord, or YouTube. Still, focus on streaming a popular game with minimal competition. That way, you will get large viewership and engage the viewers in the chat. Ensure your streaming is frequent and consistent. Still, keep track of the streaming. Eventually, you will have met the partnership requirement and hopefully get accepted into the program.

Twitch partnership is a reputable status. We will understand what it means and the benefits you get from it. Next, we will see the requirements to become a Twitch partner and detail the different tricks and tips to focus on to become a Twitch partner.

Who Is a Twitch Partner?

Twitch is mainly a streaming service. The platform offers the Twitch partnership program to members committed to streaming whose content aligns with the brand. Twitch partners are people with a regular audience for their streams.

Being a Twitch partner implies that you’ve been accepted into the program and have more privileges than the Twitch Affiliates. You must satisfy different requirements before being accepted into the Twitch partnership program.

The Twitch partnership program is limited to specific creators whom Twitch feels have premium content that it can associate with its brand. Thus, not everyone gets accepted into the program despite meeting the Twitch partner requirements. The evaluation is done manually, and your application will easily get declined unless you are fit for it.

Benefits of Twitch Partnership

Getting the Twitch partner status comes with plenty of benefits. The main ones include the following.


As a Twitch partner, you have room to earn revenue by monetizing your channel through subscription plans. The subscription plans come in different tiers, and your viewers can support you by selecting any subscription tier that suits them.

Additionally, as a Twitch partner, you can run more ads and gain more revenue. You get to determine the length and frequency of the ad running in your channel. Twitch will then share the generated revenue with you.

Still, as a Twitch partner, you can earn income through bits. Channel members buy these bits to cheer your channel when streaming. For each bot, you will get a share of the earned income.

Channel Customization

When you earn the partnership program, you can customize your channel. For instance, you can customize the chat badges and get a verified user badge. Still, you can unlock more emote slots, and your chatbot will get a free lifetime channel subscription.

Other Partner-Only Opportunities

When you are a Twitch partner, you unlock other privileges restricted to only partners. For instance, you can delay your broadcast for a few minutes.

Still, you get priority access to video transcodes. Moreover, you can create your stream team and get propriety Twitch support.

How To Become a Twitch Partner

We’ve understood who a Twitch partner is and the benefits you get from it. So, how do you get accepted as a Twitch partner?

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies to partner with Twitch. Qualifications are analyzed manually by the Twitch team to determine who gets accepted.

Attain the Path to Partner Achievement

Twitch has a “path to partner” achievement criterion that you must meet before you get considered to apply as a Twitch partner. To achieve this requirement, you must have achieved three other milestones.

  • Stream for 25 hours.
  • The streaming is to be on 12 different days.
  • The average number of concurrent viewers for your streaming must be at least 75.

Only then will you see the “Apply” button on your dashboard.

You Must Have Premium Content

The content you stream must conform with Twitch’s terms of service and the community guidelines. Only then will your application be considered.

Reach Twitch Affiliate

You must become a Twitch affiliate first. From there, focus on growing your following. Ensure you have followers on other platforms, such as Discord, Twitter, YouTube, etc. That way, you can easily convert followers into Twitch subscribers.

Have an Active Chat

With premium content, you will easily get organic chat engagement in your channel. Twitch will review the chat activeness of your channel to determine whether you qualify for the program.

Monitor Your Streaming

Whenever your stream, ensure you monitor your streaming. That way, you will know where to improve to attract more viewers and stream more frequently.


Twitch partnership is a sort-after privilege. We’ve discussed it in detail to see what benefits you get from it and the different requirements and ways to increase your chances of becoming a Twitch partner.

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