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How Many Reports To Get Banned on TikTok

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Tiktok

TikTok rose from its humble beginnings to become a worldwide sensation.

With the app’s growing popularity, creators are beginning to ask – how do I keep myself in good standing on the platform?

Unlike other platforms like YouTube, which goes by a strike system, where a certain number of strikes will guarantee a ban, TikTok has no such system.

So, how many reports does it take to get banned on TikTok?

Quick Answer

This leaves creators wondering what could get them banned. Currently, there isn’t any official count, but internet experts say that five to six reports can result in a ban. Also, some people have faced a ban after one violation. So it may also depend on the severity of the offense.

If you’ve found yourself asking the same question, do not fret. We will be getting to the bottom of it in this article. Just read on to find out!

What Gets You Banned on TikTok?

Unlike some other video-sharing sites, TikTok doesn’t have a transparent system that allows creators to learn about their standing.

Many creators, therefore, feel like they are shooting in the wild without a clear idea of what could land them in hot waters.

Before we discuss how many reports can get you a ban, let’s start by understanding how not to get reported in the first place.

TikTok’s Terms of Service (ToS)

Tiktok’s Terms Of Service (Tos)

Every major platform lays out some guidelines, sometimes called community guidelines, which instruct creators on what’s appropriate on their platform.

TikTok has some very straightforward rules on what’s not permissible. Your content must not include any of the following:

  • Bullying or threats
  • Terrorism and violence
  • Nudity
  • Promoting self-harm
  • Hacking
  • Promoting illegal activities
  • Being underage (<16 years of age)

Featuring any of these in your videos can make the admins take action. Depending on the severity of the offense, TikTok will take appropriate action against your account, potentially resulting in a ban.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Any content you post must not violate any of these guidelines. Bullying or threats could include attempts to hurt others. For example, a video that shows someone being pushed or shoved could be reported for bullying and violence.

In such a case, the admins will examine your account and decide whether your account should be banned.

TikTok also enforces an age limit. You need to be over the age of 16 to be able to use the app. If you are found to be any younger than this, you could risk getting banned from the app.

Promoting illegal activities, such as the consumption of alcohol by minors, can get you banned. Similarly, videos showing the use of illicit substances can get you on the admin’s radar.

Therefore, it is wise to be well-versed with the ToS before posting content to the platform.

By understanding what TikTok expects from you, you can save yourself from losing your content and all the hard work and efforts you spared towards making them.

How Many Reports Before You Get Banned?

While there is no definitive answer to this, it is reported that between five and six reports can result in a permanent ban on your account. This is a great number compared to what some other platforms like YouTube allow.

However, the final call rests in the hands of the admins. Suppose the TikTok admins feel that you have severely violated their ToS; they will ban your account regardless of how many users might report you.

So, it’s always better to keep a watch on not getting involved in such activities that can put you in danger.

What Happens if You Get Banned?

According to the TikTok Help Center, you will be notified of the account ban when you open the app.

This will effectively prevent you from using the app and its services.

Tiktok Help Center

Some bans, however, can be reversed. One such example is getting banned for being suspected of being underage. If you think you have been wrongly banned, you may appeal to the customer support of TikTok.

To do so, you need to reach out to the official customer support through the TikTok website, letting them know that you have a valid reason not to be banned.

For an age ban, you need to give them verification of your age. This could be in the form of government ID or documents. Depending on where you live, a driver’s license or social security card could be official proof of age.

Final words

While TikTok doesn’t feature a strike system, it’s not hard to figure out what might land you in murky waters.

The admins of the video-sharing platform get the final say.

If your violations are severe enough, they can result in your account getting banned.

Therefore, reading through the ToS and understanding what it means is important.

For those who respect the ToS, TikTok offers an excellent way to grow as creators on the internet.

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